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Author: taylorrrr
Created: January 16, 2012
Taken: 92 times
Rated: G

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Basic and Random

Created by taylorrrr and taken 92 times on Bzoink
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Middle Inital:
Favorite beverage:
When was the last time you had ketchup?
Have you ever had a red hotdog?
What is the most recent gift you've been given?
Is what you're wearing comfortable?
Did you leave the house today?
Are there bumper stickers on your car?
Are you watching tv right now? What?
Are you wearing anything blue?
Do you have a job?
Is your car messy?
When did you lave have whipped cream?
How far away is the closest house?
What street do you live on?
What is your fav. flavor smoothie?
Are you dating anyone?
What color is you computer?
Do you own an iPod? What color is it?
What is the most recent picture on your phone/camera of:
Have you ever shot a gun?
What temperature is it?
Do you know anyone with a third nipple?
What do your parents do for a living?
Have you ever had a pet that had babies?
Which grocery store is closest to you?
Do you have a hamper in your room?
Do you know anyone that's a nurse?
Do you know someone with the name Alaina?
What color is the blanket on your bed?
What are your parent's middle names?
Do you have baby names picked out?
Tell me:
Do you even want kids?
Or do you already have kids?
Have you ever broken a bone?
Do you wear braces or glasses?
What color are they?
Are you currently reading a book?
When did you last get your blood drawn?
Have you ever done hard drugs?
Do you have a facebook?
What about a twitter?
How many contacts are in your phone?
Does your toilet have a seat cover?
What's currently on your grocery list?
What things do you take with you everywhere?
Do you know someone that is/was over 100 years old?
Was your HS principal a girl or a boy?
Have you ever eaten a raw egg?
Do you own any rings?
If you were to get a new puppy what would you name her?
Have you eaten fruit today?
What about milk?
What letter does your state start with?
Could you list all 50 states?
What about their capitols?
What internet browser do you use?
Do you know anyone that lives in Wyoming?
Do you smoke cigarettes?
Which person you know has the most unique name?
Do you know someone that's missing a limb?
Do you have facial hair?
Are you a bad person?
What was the last swear you said?
Have you ever called the police on someone?
What is the most amount of pets you've had at one time?
When did you last check your email?
Have you ever had a 3rd degree burn?
Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?
How long is your hair?
Do you lock your doors at night?
Does your bedroom have a lock?
What do you have at your bedside?
How big is your bed?
Do you know someone that was murdered?
Do you know someone who's pregnant?
Do you wear a watch?
What was your first pet?
How much jewelry do you own?
What is the closest purple thing?
What time is it?
Do you believe that gingers have souls?
What is your ideal profession?
How tall are you?
Have you ever gotten xrays?
Do you wear gloves in the winter?
Do you consider yourself smart?
Are you good at algebra?
What is a word that you frequently misspell?
What color eyes are the prettiest?
Are your teeth straight?
Do you like chocolate milk?
Do you own a bike?
Are you taller than your mom?
Have you ever been engaged?
What, in your opinion, is the ugliest name?