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Author: taylorrrr
Created: January 8, 2012
Taken: 173 times
Rated: G

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Fun, fun, fun - Randomness.

Created by taylorrrr and taken 173 times on Bzoink
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Full name:
Are you good at art?
Fav. tv show:
Fav. poster on your wall:
If you were forced to change genders what would your name be?
Do you own a dreamcatcher?
When was your first kiss?
How many times have you moved?
Last movie you saw in theaters?
What color is your room?
Describe your dog/cat?
Who sent the last text in your inbox?
Last time you needed a bandaid?
Who is the oldest person you know?
Fav. tv channel?
Have you ever stayed the night at the hospital, why?
Are your nails painted?
What type of underwear are you wearing?
What color?
Are you wearing socks?
Do you have curtains, blinds, or shades in your room?
How many windows in your room?
What color is your bathroom?
How old is your mom?
Do you have any tattoos? Of what?
What was your first piercing?
What size shoe do you wear?
Whats your fav. pair of shoes?
How tall are you?
How tall is your bf/gf
What do you hear right now?
What tabs do you have open?
Are you IMing someone right now?
Who is your fav. youtuber?
What time of day were you born?
Is your 2nd toe longer than your big toe?
What color is your fav. sweatshirt?
What does it look like?
Is there a lamp in your room?
Does your dog/cat sleep in your bed?
What is your heritage?
Do you know anyone with AIDS?
What is your desktop background?
Do you have a laptop?
Is it yours? Or a family computer?
Do you have kids?
When did/do you graduate(d) high school?
What jewelry are you wearing?
What color is your shirt?
Where are your parents right now?
Where is your phone?
What is directly to your right?
Is there anything yellow near you?
How long is your driveway?
When was your last shower?
What shampoo do you use?
What areas do you shave?
What is your most recent scar?
Is there any framed pictures in your room?
What color are your sheets?
What is the last paper you signed?
Are you overweight?
Did you have a cold last winter?
What is your favorite girl name?
Have you been out of the country?
Where you born in the state you live in now?
What is the area code where you're from?
Do you know anyone in the Army?
How many kids attend your school?
Are you mean?
Describe your favorite hat:
lol, the cat just attacked my foot
Do you have a tumblr?
Is there anything in your room with a peace sign?
Do you own anything that was autographed by a celebrity?
What concerts have you been to?
Do you live within an hour of the ocean?
What kind of cake did you have for your birthday?
Has your birthday gone by this year?
Do you own a dress?
How big is your closet?
How many mirrors are in your room?
Where is the hiding place in your room?
What's in there?
When did you last do drugs?
Are you a virgin?
How long until your 21?