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About This Survey

Author: -xoxo
Created: January 2, 2012
Taken: 97 times
Rated: G

You're pretentious, this club sucks, I have beef. Let's fight.

Created by -xoxo and taken 97 times on Bzoink
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Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?
What is the best gift anyone has ever gotten for you?
Do you look anything like you did 3 years ago?
Have you done something dramatic to your looks in the past year?
(Like cut your hair differently, colored contacts, etc)
Make up or no make up?
What's your favorite thing to watch on the TV?
What are you listening to?
Would you rather be anorexic or obese?
What's a random fact about your best friend?
What's the weather like outside?
Do you upload videos to youtube?
Do you own any albums by Michael Jackson?
What time do you start school / work?
Do you like your phone on silent or vibrate?
How do you fill an awkward silence?
Do you listen to music everyday?
Do you like Beavis and Butthead?
What do you believe happens after we die?
Does the concept of eternity scare you?
Are you happy that you were born and raised where you were?
Are your parents still together?
Do you know anyone who is pregnant right now?
What did you do for the new year?
Have you ever wanted to travel the world?
Is there a band you like but don't like the people in it?
What tabs do you have open right now?
Who was the last person to write on your wall on Facebook?
What have you done today?
Are you in love?
Have you ever seen a tornado in person?
Do you like coats with fluffy hoods?
Do you like trying new things?