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Author: xxbieberburnham
Created: December 21, 2011
Taken: 119 times
Rated: G

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Truth is your love leaves me defenseless ♥

Created by xxbieberburnham and taken 119 times on Bzoink
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I'm going to make this really long. Have fun! (:
How many stuffed animals do you own?
Favorite book?
How much money do you currently have on you?
Is there something you wish was different?
To you, what amount of questions does a survey have to have to be long?
Mini skirts, jeans or both?
Are you good at come backs?
When's the last time you watched the news?
Do you love Christmas time?
Can you skateboard?
Do you always have someone who has your back?
Do you really think that the number 13 is unlucky?
Personality or looks?
What's your favorite flavor of cough drops?
Do you ever dance around your room when your by yourself?
What is the time?
Do you hate the cold?
How long can you hold your breath for?
What's something you seem to run out of often?
Do you like double digit numbers? (EX: 22)
Do you have a fan in your room?
Do you think that there really is someone out there for all of us?
Cakes, brownies or pies?
Do you like skinny jeans?
Do you think Cookie Monster is cute?
Do you like candy canes?
Do you ever wish you were a bird?
What do you think of Lady Gaga?
Have you ever had a dream where you killed someone?
Which is better: Hot boys/girls or food?
Do you ever wish on your eye lashes?
Do you like penguins?
Have you ever been on a diet?
When's the last time you did a push up?
Do you know what 143 stands for?
Do you ever make up stories in your head and wish they come true?
Has anyone ever told you that you were amazing?
Diet pop/soda or regular?
Do you have to listen to music to fall asleep?
Do you look at people in the eyes when you talk to them?
Are you good at running?
Which is worse: stuffy nose or runny nose?
Which is worse: Sick to your stomach or sore throat?
What's your favorite smiley face?
If you had to make up your own holiday what would make it?
Does anyone take your breath away?
Do you know who Greyson Chance is?
How many CD's do you own?
Can you jump rope?
Do you think it would be cool to be apart of the royal family?
Color of your hair?
Do you have to wear a belt with your pants?
Do you think your last relationship was a disaster?
How many concerts have you been to?
True or False : You were born in March
Do you wear hats in the winter?
Would you ever join a band?
Are you really happy with your life?