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Author: emorockerkid22
Created: November 23, 2011
Taken: 117 times
Rated: G

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favorites & this or that(basically anything food)

Created by emorockerkid22 and taken 117 times on Bzoink
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first off, favorite foods! bon appetitex3
type of milk
flavor ice cream
thanksgiving dish
christmas treat
snobby food
flavor milkshake
fast food joint
ethnic food
if you answered chinese above, what`s your fave chinese restaurant
breakfast food
now we finally come to the this or that part
brownies or cookies
ice cream or cake
m&m`s or skittles
twix or snickers
m&m`s with peanuts, pretzels or regular
kit kat or butterfinger
gummi bears or gummi worms
sour patch kids or warheads
peanut butter or chocolate
reeses or reeses pieces
hot dog or panini
jimmy dean or ball park franks
calzone or pizza
lemonade or sunny D
pink lemonade or regular
strawberry milk, chocolate milk or regular
pepperjack cheese or american
apple or banana
big mac or whopper
hamburger or cheeseburger
mcflurry or blizzard
sweet pickles or dill pickles
green olives or black olives
sweet or green tea
outback steakhouse or chili`s
papa johns or pizza hut
little ceasers or domino`s
carmaleta`s or maccaroni grill
chinese or mexican
italian or vietnamese
peas or green beans
squash or green pepper
spinach or lettuce
carrots or broccoli
whole wheat bread or white bread
grands or pillsbury
betty crocker or marie calendar
pepperidge farms or tollhouse
barbeque chips or sour cream & onion
vinegar flavored chips or regular potato chips
dorito`s or lays
pringles or sun chips
funnel cake or cinnamon buns
blueberry muffins or banana
sausage links or sausage patties
eggs or grits
scrambled, poached or devilled eggs
french toast or pancakes
waffles or pancakes
granny smith apples or red delicious
pineapples or grapes
green grapes or red grapes
rice or noodles
eggroll or springroll
monkey bread or banana bread