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Author: xyoungblood
Created: November 22, 2011
Taken: 206 times
Rated: G

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Flicking fire like saltwater into my eyes.

Created by xyoungblood and taken 206 times on Bzoink
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Do you plan on having children in the future?
How big is your house?
Do you believe that the world will actually end?
Describe your handwriting:
Can you speak any other languages than your first language?
If you could speak another, which would it be?
What is one trend you think is stupid?
Do you ever watch any soap operas?
Do you ever get goodnight or good morning texts from people?
What color are the pants you're wearing?
When did you last go to the doctor and what for?
Are you socially awkward?
Would you rather watch a comedy movie or horror movie?
Who is your favorite actor/actress?
If you could choose one holiday to live over & over, which would it be?
Do you know where your family came from?
If you could choose to be any mythical character, which would you choose?
Can you shoot a gun?
Where are both of your parents right at this moment?
Have you ever seen a movie so ridiculous you couldn't watch the rest?
Does it make you angry when people text short messages back?
How old are your siblings?
What is your favorite animal and why?
Do you find yourself on Youtube a lot?
What was the last thing you scratched?
How many people can you fully rely on without fault?
Are you satisfied with your gender?
Have you ever kept a successful diary before?
Which types of make up do you use?
What was the last thing you drank?
Has anyone ever told you that you have a personality disorder?
Are you good at admitting your problems?
Have you ever had a hangover?
What is something you're looking for in the next three months?
What time do you normally go to sleep on week days?
What color are the shoes you're wearing?
What's something you normally cannot spell on your own?
Looks or personality? Which is more important to you?
Do you know any strippers?
How many times have you dyed your hair?
What is your biggest fear in life?
Do you hate when movies are split into two parts?
What is something that reminds you of your childhood?
How many states / countries have you visited?
If you have a job, do you like it?
Do you think you eat healthy?
When was the last time you kissed someone?
Would you say you're a good cook?
If so, what is your favorite thing to cook?
When was the last time you took a shower?
Can you say your alphabet backward or not?
If you have a Facebook, how long have you had it?
Are you sick quite often or hardly at all?
Who is your family doctor?
If you had to choose, what color is your favorite?
How many times have you dated the person you're with now?
Is there anything exciting happening tomorrow?
Are you an organized person?
How many times have you ever been out of state with your family?
Has anyone suspected you of being a different sexuality?
Do you like chocolate or vanilla cake more?
Do you tend to judge people before you get to know them?
Do you fall asleep at school quite often?
When was the last time you had blood drawn?
Does it bother you to have blood drawn or not so much?
What show do you miss coming on television?
What color is your toothbrush?
Do you ever floss?
Who would you say is your best friend at the moment?
How long have you two been best friends?
What would you say is one word to describe your personality?
Do you have mood swings?
When was the last time you cried?
Are you an impatient person?
Do you ever wish on 11:11 or do you think it's a sham?
Are you the kind of person who has headaches a lot?
What color are your nails painted right now, if any?
Are you a supporter of the war?
Do you like dressing up for Halloween and other festivities?
Has your cell phone ever rung in class?
Speaking of which, what kind of phone do you have?
Do you sometimes think you aren't as fortunate as others?
Do you think any of your friends are whores?
What was the last kind of candy you had?
Have you ever tried opening your eyes under water?
How much do you text on your phone, on average?
Do you think you have a good relationship with your parents?
Would you rather have a cat or a dog?
Have you ever been admitted to the hospital?
Are you better at grammar or math?
Are you a paranoid person?
Look out the nearest window. What do you see?
Has someone betrayed you lately?
What would you say is your favorite type of flower?
Is there anyone who constantly compliments you?
Are you good at expressing your feelings?
Is there anything you wish you could be doing right now?
What color are your bed sheets?
What are you asking for, for Christmas this year?
When was the last time you went out to eat?
Do you normally fall asleep fast or slow?
Does the majority of your wardrobe consist of jeans or sweatpants?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
Would you consider yourself a clean person?
Do you have a hint of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
Who do you text the most?
What exactly was the last text you sent?
Do you ever feel like just laying down and giving up?
Have you ever lied about your age?
Lied about your name?