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Author: highaboveme
Created: October 7, 2011
Taken: 131 times
Rated: PG

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i wanna hear you say, "i don't deserve you"

Created by highaboveme and taken 131 times on Bzoink
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electrified we burn all night, the empty space you left behind.
do you watch the x factor?
what kind of jewelery do you wear?
your views on piercings?
what piercings do you have?
are you pro life or pro choice?
what's your favourite type of music?
what's your favourite colour?
favourite youtube star?
pc or mac?
have you ever had a bunny rabbit?
who's your role model?
do you fight with your parents?
what's your favourite alcohol?
i want you to fall apart like i did
how often do you go on facebook?
what kind of food do you like the most?
can you cook well?
do you like your job?
how many surveys have you taken today?
when was the last time you cried?
have you ever liked someone with a name starting with a d?
do you like children and babies?
do you ship tv shows?
what role do you play in your group of friends?
are you naturally shy or outgoing?
can you hold a grudge?
what's the best thing that's happened this year?
describe your school
who's your favourite teacher?
how many songs on your ipod?
favourite type of cheese?
i want you to hurt for all of this, all the pain you put me through,
can you sing well?
is your hair long short?
do you like/love someone?
describe them
how are you feeling right now?
you are now a superhero, the thing closest to your right is your weakness.
did you actually bother to check?
did you like this survey?