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Author: livvyy23
Created: September 21, 2011
Taken: 159 times
Rated: PG

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I'm not much for dancing, but for you I did. (Are we alike?)

Created by livvyy23 and taken 159 times on Bzoink
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You're a chick.
You're a girl's girl, as well as a guy's girl.
You're a freshman in college.
You can't decide if you love it or fucking hate it.
You are obsessed with weight loss.
You have sleeping problems.
You miss someone, a lot more than you like to admit.
You get along with people easily.
You have a lot of secrets.
You like books about murder and drug addicts.
You drink soda like water.
You secretly listen to country.
Your shoulders are sore.
You're extremely self destructive.
You take vitamins and fish oils.
You always have one headphone in.
And it annoys the shit out of people.
Your hands are freezing.
Your room mate thinks you're a little weird.
You're blonde, but you don't wanna be.
You used to love your body, but now you despise it.
You love to dance.
You've never had any really good relationships.
You hate dates.
You hate your parents, but not really.
You feel sick right now.
You've drank about 4 liters of water in the past 10 minutes.
You drink too much.
You smoke too much.
You are a vegetarian, sort of. Ha
You're a closet romantic.
You can't sleep, and you don't know why.
You have a thousand things on your mind.
You're spinning out of control.
You're undeclared.
Your clothes are weird.
You really need to do your nails.
You love your sister more than yourself.
You smoke a lot of cigarettes.
You're kind of a burn out.
You're very creative, but don't know how to channel it.
You miss the past more than you should.
You're very independent.
You have major trust issues.
You have anti depressants, but you don't take them.
You adore cheesecake.
You wear dark eye makeup for some reason.
People don't take you seriously, and you like it that way.
You have a lot of scars.
You've lied about some pretty big things.
You're kind of a horrible person.
You hate skype, but have one anyway.
You edit all your pictures.
You live for your cigs, chipotle and sitcoms.
You go to weheartit.com a billion times a day.
You have a secret blog. Hahaaa.
You're extremely insecure, but you'd never show it.
You like to make other people happy.
Christmas freaks you out.
You had a major emo phase.
You have no real goals in life.
You miss your best friends.
You miss your brothers.
You miss not counting calories.
You miss sleeping.
You love watching the stupid news fluff pieces.
Your favorite Kardashian is Kourtney because she has no feelings.
You like guys who you know will always let you down.
You like guys who have issues and addictions.
You have daddy issues.
You have mommy issues.
You have a lot of issues.
You don't know what to say to therapists.
You don't know what to say in general.
Your shoulders are really starting to hurt.
You're hungry, but you're not gonna eat for a while.
You love being alone, and hate it at the same time.
You've had over 10 hamsters.
You feel very insignificant and small in this giant world.
Ocean water scares you.
But you jump in anyway.
You always forget to call back.
You'll always sort of be in love with someone from your past.
When you get mad, you start yelling and use your hands a lot.
You're not very attractive without makeup.
If you met yourself, you think you'd hate yourself.
You like older men (ex. George Clooney)
You regret eating so much last night.
Your neck is in an extremely uncomfortable position.
You have very pale skin.
You have a very intense stare.
You're basically fuckin blind.
You say fuckin a lot.
You hate your smile.
You spend way to much time thinking.
You like weed cuz it makes you numb.
you like alcohol cuz it makes you retarded.
Alcoholism and drug addiction runs in your family.
You do drugs.
You come from a very dysfunctional family.
You love going on walks.
You don't know how to get through the rest of this week.
You love writing songs lyrics and poems.
Your computer is making weird noises and you don't know why.
You're scared no one will ever want to marry you.
You don't even support marriages, but it still scares you.
You fucking love chipotle.
You like spazzing out to dubstep.
You'd never show anyone your art work.
You've quit everything you've tried.
You have had a lot of fucking fun.
You've been really really heartbroken.
You've gradually become very sarcastic and fierce.
You're scared.
You're exhausted.