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Author: starr097
Created: September 11, 2011
Taken: 48 times
Rated: PG

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Completely and utterly RANDOM

Created by starr097 and taken 48 times on Bzoink
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Oh hi there!
Is your TV on?
Okayy...what are you watching, then?
Do you like NCIS?
Girl, don't make me Gibbs slap you.
Did you have a weird dream last night?
I did. I dreamt about Jerry Trainor and sharks.
Isn't Inception, like, the best movie ever?
Did the top stop spinning?
QUICK! Leonardo DiCaprio just crawled through your window! What do you do?!
I would hug him.
You know what I think is funny? The Office.
You ever seen that show?
Did you cry when Michael left? I did.
Isn't Dwight hilarious?
Do you think John Krasinski is hot?
Maybe he's just cute.
You know who else is hot? Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
I'm hungry. Are you?
I want a sloppy joe.
Sloppy Joe, sloppy sloppy joe...
Do you have Netflix? I do.
I use it like, all the time. For instant streaming.
I wish they had instant for The Big Bang Theory.
I love that show. Isn't Sheldon adorable?
He's so socially awkward.
I'm gonna take a zoology class next year.
We have to disect a cat.
I have two cats. One's fat, one's skinny.
Isn't that exciting?!
Are you getting bored?
I certainly hope not. This is fun.
Oh no! Zombies!
Do you watch Jersey Shore? I don't. It's overrated.
Justin Bieber is overrated, too.
Ever heard of lucid dreaming?
If not, Google it. It's amazing.
Are you a hippie?
Was that answer sarcastic? I think it was.
Ohh! 40 questions! Yay!
Do you think Ellen DeGeneres is funny?
I love to watch her scare people. I wish I could scare people.
Scaring celebrities would be fun, wouldn't it?
Imagine scaring Tom Cruise.
Like, "BOO, Tom Cruise! I scared you, shortstack!"
One time, Katie Holmes fed my cousin a cookie.
Like, she just fed him.
Weird, right? You know what else is weird?
Nicolas cage.
He's a good actor, but, I mean...I dunno.
Are you bored NOW?
I don't know why I apologized, either.
I hate bugs.
I mean, not all bugs. Inchworms are cute, right?
One time I had a pet tarantula named Harry.
Harry was girl. She was soft like velvet.
I'm getting a turtle for Christmas. his name will be Sheldon.
Don't you just LOVE turtles?
If I had a hamster, his name would be either Finnigan or Dexter.
I\'m gonna wrap this up now.
I can\'t think of anything else to say.
Hmm...do you like kiwi?
I think it's delicious.
Is Lady Gaga weird?
Didn't she look like Johnny from The Outsiders at the VMA's?
That's just my opinion.
Okay...waffles. Do you like 'em.