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Author: vagos-fox
Created: August 24, 2011
Taken: 45 times
Rated: PG

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Looking So Hot Got A 20 Out Of 10,, (Diamond Diamond Shinning Shinning)

Created by vagos-fox and taken 45 times on Bzoink
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Do you have any wtf?! ethnicities?
Look up:: can you see the sky?
Is your tv on?
What's the reality show you'd like to be part of?
Did you answered Jersey Shore?
Are you even Italian?
Why there's a mosquito in my goddamn room?
Do you remember Flushed Away?
Im doing this instead of study for my chemistry test YA BETTER RATE THIS!!
How many Blu-Rays you own??
How can whips and chains excite someone?
Are you taller than a celebrity?
Let me guess,,
The lights are off
You listening to music
If you look down you'll see your dick/vag aka camel toe?
You're not paying ANY attention to the tv?
You're currently ignoring someone in facebook?
Your phone is not even an inch away from you?
You think you're alone in your room/cave?
Does that was creepy 'nough?
Enough of guessings Im a fucking Christian man
What's Jack Black's best movie?
Ok,, I'm facebook What's on your mind?
Last time you peed?
Peed in the shower?
Is your hair white?
Would you like it to dye it Colgate white?
Will i fit in your bed?
Where is more 'bitchy-drama' WWE or in your high school?
Did the Amy Winehouse affected you in some way?
No no no or Yes?
Last porno flick you watched?
What's wrong with your face?
Who's ________ ?
Paquita La Del Barrio?
Jenzel Jackson?
Homer Simpson?
Vagos Fox?
Your mother?
What's this movie: 'Do u realize Ive had diarreah since Easter?!'
Do you like it when someone bites your ear?
So you play kinky?
What's your text ringtone?
Did you watched the amazing n out-standing Ed, Edd n Eddy?
What novela have you heard of?
Can you wrestle?
First 0 you ever got?
Can you hold your breath for a 1min? ''causeee i can y'all
Hey idk your name so I'll call you Cullotta,, happy 'bout it?
So Cullotta,, what have you done till now?
Where was your first Guitar Hero concert?
Mine was in a prision,, Am I not epicly awesome?
What's the name of Jackass midget dude?
Your last English test,, when was it?
Can you really tell the difference between Coca-Cola n Pepsi?
What would be the best Valentine's Day gift?
Ikr a kinect <3
Tell me the truth,, what are the things that you give a fuck 'bout?
Are you someone or no one?
Cullotta,, Maroon 5 or Green Day?
Do you read the Bible?
Do you read or drink Cosmopolitan?
Isnt it beautiful,, that a girl asks for an xbox kinect for Vday?
Does it makes you wanna cry?
Who do you think it's proudest of you,, yo momma or ya daddy?
Napoleon Dynamite or Nacho Libre?
Why Crayola is the only worth crayons' brand?
Can you swim?
Lol mojones can swim
Dont you just love it,, Cullotta,, when your phone runs out of battery?
How many zombies you've killed today?
What about zombie cupcakes?
Unicorn owners should have their own parking, right?
You obviously love Cullotta, but what would you choose as your name?
Something idiot you did yesterday?
Are you shy?
If you turn your head to the left,, will you see a chimpmunks nest?
Am I annoying?
Lol my mom thinks so?
So you've seen Harry Potter saga?
Should Pixar release Nemo 2?
What movie needs a continuation?
Do you like it fat?
What was my 1st question?
What's something you don't eat?
Have you seen mariachis live?
Is it romantic?
Can you do the MJ scream?
Did you just did it?
Tomorrow Snooki will cat fight with Jwwow,, looking forward to it?
Name 5facebook pages you like?
Cullotta, have you skipped any of my amazeballs Q's?
Will Irene hit you?
Will you ask her: 'Hit me baby one more time' ??
Everyone have em,, what are the songs in ur ipod you're ashamed of?
What if they're ashamed of you?
Are you a nun?
Who killed Kenny?
Will you finish this?
What will you fight for?
Eminem or Pitbull?
Worst insult ever?
Is your house in Pandora?
Are you looking forward to a pijama party?
Ok ok you finished this feliz?
Thanx n have a nice ridee U smexy CIAO