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Author: vagos-fox
Created: August 23, 2011
Taken: 23 times
Rated: PG

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The Truth Is That I Married U For The Bluecard,, Clumsy Smurfyy

Created by vagos-fox and taken 23 times on Bzoink
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Sup gorgeous readyy for COMPLETELY ORIGINAL q's ?
Ever been bitten by somtething non human?
What was it?
You'd exchange lives with a nail polish or Katy Perry's tooth?
Where are your headphones?
Can you say your phone number in Spanish?
The name Irene sux,, how would you have named it ? ps other than your name
You thought 'bout named it after you,, dont you?!
Would you donate your hairbrush to LMFAO guys?
If not why?
LA Ink is getting canceled,, u sad?
Forget about tiles,, what material you'd use to create your floor?
So far have you heard any of these Q's before?
Have you heard em after?
Do you still own any like really old videogame console??
Hey hey,, where in the world is Carmen San Diego?
How bout this one,, where in the world is Casey Anthony?
Have you ever thought about something n #BAM! someone invented it?
I thought bout the ipod grrrrr I could been a billionare!!
Oh na na what's the name of your alter ego persona
Something against any race?
Name the movie: Dad what's the box behind the tv? That's the rest of the tv
You're the last person in the world, surprisingly not Rihanna n you find...
Wal*Mart what happens??
Your last year JAM??
Isnt it hideous when school weirdos add you?
Can I fade the 99.7% of your beauty with a makeUp removal?
Last time you logged iTunes?
See? My Q's are the chett!
If a car wasnt necessary,, would you still want one?
If you a smurf what's your name be?
What's so smart of Kmart?
#ICanHonestlySay I hate whip cream :S
What are the TT in Tokyo?
Are they more interesting than the Aussie ones?
You dont give a poo about Twitter,, huh?
4d is already out interested?? #nowmovieshaveodor
Giraffes can lick their ears,, wanna give it a try?
Avatars vs LittleMonsters? #hahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha
I I I wanna go o o all the way ay ay taking out my freak tonight
Is it Gaddahfi or Kaddafi?
Should I go to US Air Force?
Wanna join me?
What are 3 friends that has a hairy belly button?
Any concert you're attending this year?
Im goin to see Britney!!!!!!!!! woohoo auuuu
How would you redesign Canada's flag?
Is it Friday or Rebecca has to stfu?
Does your girlfriend looks good in a dress?
What about your man?
What stores has the sexiest cashiers ever?
Do you find 'black' offensive?
What about 'white'?
Can you take it to the next level ba-by?
What's your ebay account password?
In your whole life how many cavities have you have?
Me? 9 and 8 of em found last month 'goddamn skittles sours!!!!
What part of the bread you prefer?
Did you watched Matilda?
Why you take naked pics?
Can you make candles?
My bf has three nipples Isnt that amazeballs?
Your copyrighted word/phrase?
Well well chic@ Im out ya better follow me @europagalaktica CIAO!