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Author: xxxpaigeisinlovexxx
Created: August 22, 2011
Taken: 247 times
Rated: PG

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Pain is part of learning who you are. <3

Created by xxxpaigeisinlovexxx and taken 247 times on Bzoink
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Hey, Let\'s get this started. (:
Have you ever finished a whole tube of chap-stick?
What\'s your favorite kind of pudding?
Do you bite your string cheese, or Peel it?
Are you in love?
Do you even know what love is?
Does age mean much to you? Or is it about maturity?
Do you believe in God?
Click-y Pencils or Regular?
Right Handed or Left?
Would you rather your room be Hot or Freezing?
What\'s your favorite Class/Subject?
Do you have a pet that sleeps with you?
Whats your input on country music?
What thing do you hate leaving at home when you\'re going away?
Do you have pictures of important people to you in your room?
Do you know anyone with cancer?
If you could re-do your room, would you?
Are you good at painting nails ?
Do you like your name or middle name better?
What do you think about them fancy iphones?
Do you have any piercings?
Who makes you smile by a simple text?
Would you consider yourself fat?
Can you draw?
Describe your swimsuit:
Can you favor things?
are you very indecisive?
Do you like mini golf?
Do you still watch cartoons/Kid shows?
Have you ever seen the show awkward?
Have you ever went to another state, tried their water, and were like EW?!
^ i have... i thought water was tasteless.. blehkk!.
How far away is the person you want to see right now?
What's stopping you?
Do you call or text more?
Where is your t.v. remote right now?
Do you have high self condifence?
Is your family the most important thing in your life?
Who is the last baby you held?
Do you know anyone pregnant?
Do you like taking pictures in photo-booths with friends?
Do you use Dear Blank Please Blank ?
Do you have a smart phone?
Are you into Celebratorys, Actresses Or actors?
Fill in the blank.
Give me a ____ and it'll be a disaster.
I can't survive the day without _____.
I wake up in the morning feeling likee _________.
i think my _____ is(are) really pretty.
i hate leaving the house without ____.
i have to have ________.
i love to write with _______.
i could _______ all day.
the first thing i do every morning is ________.
_____ is my favorite place to be.
i've never ________ but i want too.
i've never lived in a town with _____________.
i've never lived in a town that i _____________.
i've never lived in a town without _____________.
i won't eat __________.
_________ is my current favorite store.
________ is one of my bad habbits.
back to questions, eh? (:
What's your favorite number?
Are you a harry potter fan?
What's a big pet peeve for you?
What's an over-used word for you?
Are you excited for anything.. ? if so what?
Do you plan on having kids some day?
I'm sure someone is on your mind right now, where are they right now?
Do you miss them?
Do you love them?
Are they usually on your mind?
Are you always late or early?
what's one thing you always forget?
are you a very sloppy person?
Can we take you somewhere, or do you always spill something?
Are you a nickle back fan?
Do you like obama?
would you rather be a girl or boy?
do you care about your appearance?
what do you go through like it's air?
Do you like cookies?
or are you more into chips?
are you a big meat lover?
do you like sea food?
are you ready to say goodbye?
.. i'm sorry.. goodbye loves . <3