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Author: midsummerhues
Created: August 18, 2011
Taken: 115 times
Rated: G

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Away, away says hate. Closer, closer says love.

Created by midsummerhues and taken 115 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever made-out on a trampoline?
Spent a ridiculous amount of time Tumblr'ing?
Have you ever wanted a baby hedgehog?
Would you smush Ryan Gosling?
Do you like floral prints?
What are your initials?
Have you ever balanced yourself on an Indo-Board?
Do you read Surf magazine?
Do you think pearls are pretty or no?
Is your left hand touching your face?
Are your legs crossed?
Are you a fan of Adele?
Do you want to be in love?
Do you embrace messy hair?
What are your stats?
Favorite Skins' character?
What does your backpack look like?
Can you do the truffle shuffle?
Jimmy Choo or Jeffrey Campbell? ♥
Pastel teal or pink?
Bam Margera- hot or not?
Do you own/wear a pair of shoes meant for the opposite sex?
Forever 21 or Target?
There's pictures of what on your fridge?
Does it make a difference if your boyfriend eats?
Do you like Silk {soymilk}?
What's your favorite foreign candy?
Last person you to to have turned 17?
Do you know a Jacob?
Have you ever had a crush on this said Jacob?
Do you wish you had a ukulele?
Have you been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter yet? (:
Fan of Lady GaGa?
Do you think she's overrated?
Favorite fuckyeah Tumblr blog?
You see a same-sex couple kissing. Cute or no?
Has anyone ever told you they loved you before leaving you alone?
Have you ever stayed in a hotel for longer than a month?
Have you ever found yourself attracted to someone who was clearly not-
interested in your sex?
Oxfords (shoes)- old man-ish or cute?
Do you like Tokyomilk?
Are you watching Awkward?
Does your bedroom have a theme or color scheme?
Can you fit yourself in a laundry basket? (: