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Author: the-bleeding
Created: July 28, 2011
Taken: 171 times
Rated: PG

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These songs are the ones you live by.

Created by the-bleeding and taken 171 times on Bzoink
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Shuffle your MP3 & answer the questions with the title of the song.
Your mother finds out she is pregnant:
Your father's reaction:
The description of your mother's pregnancy:
Song when your mother gives birth to you:
Her exact words:
Your father's thoughts of you:
Song during your infant phase:
Song during your baby phase:
Your first birthday:
Song during your toddler phase:
Your first words:
Song during your first time walking:
The description of your childhood:
Your first day of elementary school:
Your thoughts:
Making your first friend:
Your first day of middle school:
Meeting your best friend:
Hitting puberty:
Your first crush:
Making enemies:
Your first fight:
Your first dance:
Your first kiss:
Going on a field trip:
Your first slumber party:
Your first day of high school:
Your first boyfriend/girlfriend:
Your first drink:
Your first smoke:
Your first time going to a wild house party:
When you fail a class:
Arguing with your parents:
Running away from home:
The break-up with your boyfriend/girlfriend:
Your feelings:
Your reaction when your boyfriend/girlfriend is now dating your enemy:
Losing your virginity:
Having a one night stand:
Arguing with your best friend:
Getting a pet:
Graduating from high school:
Getting a job:
Your first day in college/university:
Your first car:
Your first accident:
Being in a love affair:
Getting caught cheating:
Your words:
Getting fired:
Graduating from college:
Starting your career:
Owning your first apartment:
Getting into a serious relationship:
Pregnancy scare:
Moving in:
Your pet dies:
Getting engaged:
Going to your best friend's wedding:
Your wedding:
Your wedding song:
The description of your honeymoon:
Owning your first house:
When your parents gets divorced:
When you find out you/your spouse is pregnant:
Your reaction:
Your spouse's reaction:
Your parents' reaction:
Song during pregnancy:
Song during child birth:
Your first thoughts of your child:
Song during your child's growth:
Seeing your child going off to school:
Your child's first relationship:
Your reaction:
Your feelings when your child graduates from high school:
Your feelings when your child moves out of the house & goes off to college:
Your parent's died:
You become a grandparent:
When your spouse dies:
When you die:
Description of your death:
Song played at your funeral:
::Your emotions::
Mental Breakdown: