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Author: iheartmyboifrand
Created: July 13, 2011
Taken: 111 times
Rated: R

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Our love is like a song, never forgotten <3

Created by iheartmyboifrand and taken 111 times on Bzoink
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Last name
Where do you live?
Video Game
TV show
Last Person
Who hugged you
Kissed you
Held your hand
Cuddled with you
Interested in boys with
What color hair?
What colored eyes?
Tall or short?
Skinny or fat?
Jock or nerd?
Smart or good looks?
Older or younger?
Outgoing or shy?
What are you like
Tall or short?
Pretty or ugly?
Popular or geek?
Dumb or smart?
Color of hair?
Color of eyes?
Be honest
Do you consider yourself pretty?
Do you have a crush?
Do you date people who are younger than you?
How about older than you?
Do you like school?
Do you prefer reading or watching TV?
Are you a shop-o-holic?
Do you like rap music?
What would you do if your best friend went out with your ex?
Are you a kiddo, tween, teen, or adult?
Don't you hate when survey's skip questions?
What kind of phone do you have?
What if your boyfriend moved away? Stay together, or long distance?
Addicted to facebook?
How about your phone?
Rate this survey so far, (1-10)
Do you like justin bieber? or would you rather kill him?
Do you and your boyfriend have a song?
Ever had sex, or still a virgin?
Made out?
Farthest you've gone with a dude?
Date, or stay good friends?
Are you actually gonna post this or take it then decide to delete it?
"Bad" word you use the most?
Do you want children? or already have them?
Are you married?
Ever been ice skating?
Parli italiano?
Do you know what the last question means?
Study for test's or flunk them?
Was this survey boring?