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Author: taayloor
Created: June 26, 2011
Taken: 21 times
Rated: PG

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havee youu eveer  

Havee youu eveer .

Created by taayloor and taken 21 times on Bzoink
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met someonee famous ?
stolee moneey from your parents ?
donee something you didnt wanna do just to fit in ?
not taken a shower for more then 2 daays ?
ate soo much you threw up ?
kissed someone of the same sex ?
been to a concert ?
cussed at a random person ?
wanted to be someone elsee ?
tried crash dieting ?
colored on your shoes ?
dropped someones phone and broke it ?
moved out of the statee ?
felt sad, happy at the same time ?
been in jail ?
madee fun of someone ?
been to a club ?
seen porn ?
thought you were in lovee ?
crieed to get whaat you waant ?
punched a wall to get all your angeer out ?
drew on someones facee when theey were sleeping ?
pointed a lazor to an airplane ?
haad sex ?
said you drew something but really didnt ?
sang in the showeer ?
copied someones hairstylee ?
ran awaay from homee ?
been called to skinny or to faat ?
got a makeoveer ?
lieed ?
been dumpeed ?
cussed at one of your teacheers ?
wrote a lovee letter to someonee ?
cried from listening to a sad song ?
stayed at your friends house for more then 5 daays straight ?
been high ?
flipped off a cop beforee ?
drovee a car ?
been to africa ?
playeed a wii ?
been sunburnt all around your body ?
looked at the sun for more then 5 seconds ?
fell infront of smoeonee you like ?
liked someone you never even met beforee ?