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Author: midsummerhues
Created: June 22, 2011
Taken: 70 times
Rated: PG

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analog rebellion  

I've got bodies in the back of my American car..

Created by midsummerhues and taken 70 times on Bzoink
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Does it make you nervous when someone does something dangerous showing off?
Have you ever had to take a pee test?
Have you ever had to supply someone with clean pee?
Are you a bit of a nerd?
Are you in charge of cleaning anything in your household?
Are you good at HTML?
Ever carved/written anything on a park bench?
Most interesting place you've ever visited?
Have you ever had anything tailored?
Fan of Walton Ford artwork? Ever even heard of him?
Do you keep your eyebrows more thick or thin?
What color is your bedroom door?
Do you value your personal space, or do you hate being alone?
Have you ever been hunting?
Your take on one-night stands? Are they okay?
Do you always wear a bra?
Do you have a wrist watch?
Do you usually jog or go for walks?
Could you be happier?
Don't you just love aerial views?
Do you own a pair of Dr. Martins?
Do you like wine?
Do you scrapbook?
Have you ever been told not to do something you desperately wanted to do?
^ did you listen?
Why are the angry birds so mad at the pigs?
Would you feel bad about breaking up with a kid on his birthday?
Do your shoulder blades potrude?
Have you ever sung anyone the happy birthday song?
How many followers do you have on Twitter?
Do you like Hello Kitty?
Have you ever won on one of those grabber machine things?
Is there an actual word for those?
Have you seen the movie Remember Me?
Do you like thunderstorms?
Have you ever been horseback-riding?
Have you ever seen your naked back?
Are you gonna French kiss your hubby at your wedding?
Do you think girls generally look better with their natural hair color?
Who is the last person you held hands with?
Would you agree that wedding cake is so much better than any other cake? (:
Do you feel awkward with strangers in elevators?
Do you cuss excessively when you're upset?
Would you rather cheat and tell your other about it or be cheated on?
Do you own a pair of shorts that could be mistaken for underwear?
Have you ever felt free after losing something once important to you?
Religion or logistics?
Have you ever been to a rave?
How many bananas have you ever eaten in a row?
Have you ever felt like you can burn the world down?
Can you read/speak in any language(s) other than English?
Have you ever had sex outside?
Have you ever been outside naked?
Do you like guys with long, brown, shaggy, flippy hair?
Do you have a beauty mark?
Have you ever been in a shrubbery maze?
Do you think you're the best thing that's happened to someone?
Is the best thing that's ever happened to you a person?
What's your boyfriend's style, or what style tends to attract you?
Do you know anyone who works in a cafe?
How many songs do you think you know all of the lyrics do?
Do you enjoy jazz or blues music?
What's the most emotionally painful thing you've ever been through?
How many band t-shirts do you own that are black?
Can you make a clover shape with your tongue?
Would you agree that Beck is a musical genius? (:
Do you ever feel like the main people in your life don't know you at all?
Do you like Ben Folds?
Do you watch The Voice?
Do you have a protective father?
Have you ever worn a headdress?
Last thing that caused you to get sick?
What's the biggest misconception about you, personally?
Have you ever seriously thought you loved someone without telling them?
Are you squeamish?