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Author: mickey-mouse
Created: June 19, 2011
Taken: 164 times
Rated: G

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This is what'll happen if you ain't giving your girl what she needs.

Created by mickey-mouse and taken 164 times on Bzoink
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Name 3 things apart from trust and loyalty that you need in a relationship.
Quick! When I say nursery rhyme what is the first one that comes to mind?
When was the last time you took a photo of yourself?
How far away are you from the place that you were born?
When you get a headache what do you do to make it go away?
Two words: Bacon sundae. Would you try it?
Do you live near anybody who creeps you out?
Is there anywhere that you are too afraid to go to alone? Where?
Do you remember your 3'rd grade teacher?
About how old were you when you thought you first fell in love?
Have you ever been in your kitchen naked? Don't worry, no judging. =P
Do you have any idea how to make cotton candy?
What does your shampoo smell like?
What is the most amount of money you would spend on a cell phone?
Do you know the purpose of the tab button on your keyboard?
Quick! What is a word that rhymes with "Scent"?
At first glance, what 3 things could a stranger say about you?
Would you be upset if you had a child who decided to make "adult films"?
What is a word that you tend to misspell often?
Say aloud: "Merry", "Mary", and "Marry". Does each sound different?
Have you ever had a black eye? How'd you get it?
Is it true that every class has a smelly kid in it?
Describe your outfit today using five words and no colors.
Which color goes best with orange? P.S - white and black don't count. =)
Onion VS. Garlic - your choice?
What pizza topping would you never, ever, EVER eat?
Do you remember where you were on Halloween 2 years ago? Where?
What advice would you give to a person interested in being your friend?
Would you rather go a week without showering or brushing your teeth?
What was the most painful injury you've ever had?