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About This Survey

Author: bethieesueee
Created: June 16, 2011
Taken: 64 times
Rated: G

Boyfriend Application . (:

Created by bethieesueee and taken 64 times on Bzoink
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Name :
Age :
Birth Date :
Location :
Height :
Weight :
Hair Color :
Eye Color :
Hair Length :
Build (Skinny , Average , Athletic , Heavy) :
Tattoos or Peircings :
**What You Think About Me**
What's the most attractive thing about my body :
Am I good looking :
On a scale of 1-10 , what would you rank me :
Do you want to kiss me :
Would you ever go out with me :
Would you ever cheat on me :
Have you ever cheated on anyone :
Have you ever helped anyone cheat :
What do you like most about me :
Do you go to school (College or High School) :
If so , Where :
What year do you graduate :
Grades (Excellent , Good , Average , Poor) :
**All About You**
Do you smoke :
Do you drink :
Do you do drugs :
What type of clothes do you wear :
What type of music do you listen to :
Describe yourself in 3 words :
On a scale of 1-10 , how would you rate yourself :
What's your favorite color :
Chevy or Ford :
What stores do you shop at :
Whould you fall asleep with me :
Would you get me presents randomly :
Do you like me because I'm beautiful or am I beautiful because you like me:
Would you ever surprise me , just so you could see me :
Do you drive :
If so , What kind of car :
Are you a flirt :
Do you get jealous easily :
If I flirted with another guy , what would you do :
If any guy did anything to me that hurt me in anyway , would you protect me
Do you like me for my looks or personality :
Would you take pictures with me to put on MyYearbook / Facebook :
Am I good enough for you :
Can I trust you with other girls :
What's your number :
If we went to a dance would you help me pick out my dress :
How much do you really like me :
Are you single :
Are you a virgin :
What's your longest relationship :
Why'd it end :
Would you consider dating me :
What type of relationship are you looking for :
What do you look for in a girl :
Describe your perfect date :
Do you treat girls with respect :
Do you think we would make a cute couple :
What would your friends think of me :
Would you ever dump me for one of my friends :
**On A Date**
Where would you take me :
Do you like scary or comedy movies :
Would you act like an ass or like a gentleman :
How would you dress :
Would you be nervous :
Romantic or Funny :
**Most Importantly**
Are you just doing this because you're bored or do you want to date me :