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Author: electrove
Created: June 14, 2011
Taken: 25 times
Rated: G

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When You Die.

Created by electrove and taken 25 times on Bzoink
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When do you think you will die?
What is the most likely way you will die?
Are you scared of dying?
How would you choose to die if you had to?
Have you had near-death experiences?
Like what?
How did you survive?
Were you scared?
What did you learn from that?
Have you been to a funeral?
Do you like funerals?
How many have you been to?
Have you ever seen a dead body?
What kills most of the people you have known to die?
What reminds you of death, usually?
Would you die for a friend?
Would you die for a relative?
Would you die for your pet?
Would you die for the world?
Would you die for your country?
Do you want to be burried or burned to ashes?
Where would you like to be burried or scattered?
Why that place?
Would you have a funeral?
If so, what music, if any?
Do you want a coffin?
If yes, what material?
What color?
How deep underground?
Under a tree? Near a fence? Where in the graveyard?
Flat, or raised tombstone?
Old or new?
Stone, wood... etc?
What would you want it to say?
Would you haunt people as a ghost?
What do you think happens after death?
Angels.. demons.. what about those?
What is "God"?
Would you like to be burried with anything?
What do you want to wear to death?
What would your dying wish be?
Would you like to die during day or night time?
Heroicly, peacefully, or go out with a bang?
What will be your legacy?
Would you have regrets?
Would your family miss you?
Would you rather go to heaven or be a ghost?
Would you like to be embalmed?
Would you like to be remembered?
How would you like to be rememembered?
Does anyone really know you?
Does that really matter?
Do you live for your passions?
What are your passions in life, mainly?