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Author: iloveyax3
Created: June 8, 2011
Taken: 99 times
Rated: G

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random questions

Created by iloveyax3 and taken 99 times on Bzoink
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have you ever been cheated on?
have you ever been in a relationship when someone tried breaking you up>
has your ex downgraded since you?
name three of your best features:
name three of your worst features:
what do people mostly compliment you on?
how do you respond to compliments that you dont think is true?
are you more self conscience or self conceited?
do you think you're pretty?
has anyone ever told you that you were ugly?
how long have you known your best friend for?
do you remember how you met your best friend?
do you work out daily?
how much do you weigh?
are you happy with your weight?
how often do you embarrass yourself?
do you live by any quotes?
how would you describe yourself & what your interests are?
do you care if people hate you?
do you have any enemies?
do you have a favorite song that describes your life?
what is your favorite designer brand?
are you in a relationship?
how often do you dye your hair?
what is the longest you've been in a relationship for?
have you ever kissed someone who wasnt single?
do you hate it when people think theyre better than you?
if you could rename yourself,what would be your new name?
what do you do to relax?
how long does it take you to get ready?
are you a twin?
are you fake nice?
do you look good in high heels?
has anyone ever hurt you?
have you ever gotten back at someone who did bad to you?
if so, what?
do you easily get jealous?
name something random that you despise
what is your favorite dessert?
when was the last time you went to the beach?
do you get tan or sun- burn?
if you could go anywhere,where would you go?
when was the last time you left the country?
do you enjoy taking pictures of yourself?
how many piercings do you have and where are they?
do you have a tattoo?
if not, do you want one?
what is your biggest pet peeve?
do you sleep late?
what's better, blackberry or iphone?
what do you do when your bored?
when was the last time you went away and to where?
have you ever told someone you wanted to be with them forever?
have you ever butt-dialed someone while talking about them?
how many jobs have you had?
what is your favorite make up brands?
would you go back to the past if you could?
in most situations, do you tend to be the bigger person?
have you ever flipped out on someone?
do you have bad skin?
do you go skinny dipping?
have you ever been embarrassed to be associated with someone in public?
do your parents embarrass you?
how often do you party?
has anyone ever told you that you had a nice smile?
who was your last sleep over with?
have you ever been in a tanning bed?
what kind of car do you drive?
what car do you wish to drive?
do you drive aimlessly for fun?
do you put others before yourself?
have you ever hurt someone because you cared too much about them?
does it annoy you when couples are all over each other in public?
do you think anyone is jealous of you?
give a shout out to your haters: