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Author: --rainboweyes--
Created: June 6, 2011
Taken: 77 times
Rated: G

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[+ he calls you baby, 'cos he wants to hold you. +]

Created by --rainboweyes-- and taken 77 times on Bzoink
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When was the last time you did clay work/pottery?
Do you like art, hate it or just not mind it?
If you had to choose would you prefer dull pain for 12hours or sharp for 2?
Koala or Kangaroo?
Do you know the words to the national anthem of your country?
Is your country ruled by a president, prime minister, queen or other?
Does blue occur in your national flag?
Talking of flags. Do you like football/soccer?
If yes, do you play and what position? If not, leave blank.
Would you rather be a Model, Famous Scientist, Singer or Chef?
Would you rather be a pilot, crime scene investigator or estate agent?
Does making others happy really make you feel happy?
What colour literally doesn't appear in your wardrobe at all?
Do you actually read the answers others give to your surveys [I do]?
Did you ever swear at a teacher in school? Why?
Have you ever pricked your finger on Holly or another 'sharp' plant?
Speaking of Holly, do you adore Christmas or does it bug you?
Have you ever wrote your own short story?
What about a novel? Or herhaps you started and couldn't finish?
Either of the above, if this was the case, place short synopsis here:
Do you prefer SciFi/Fantasy/Action/Horror or Rom/Com/RealLife?
What do you have a lot of faith in [note: can be anything]?
Think of a material thing you want. Name it here (material, made or bought]
Would $100/60 be enough for this item?
How about $1000/600?
Would you rather have a big house, a lot of kids or a high flying job?
Have you ever been to a creepy/haunted/abandoned place?
What did it look like and what were the circumstances?
What's your favourite dip?
Chocolate Cookies or Fudge Brownies?
I give you a little baby puppy. What do you name him?
Is crime a big problem in your area?
What's your town/city most well known for?
Do you know a Jack? What's he like?
How about a Lisa? What's she like?
Are most your friends older, younger or the same age as you?
Do you subconsiously hang out with those with the same starsign as you or
as eachother, perhaps due to certain personality traits? Think about it:
Name 5 objects that you don't have but would like right now?
When you have children, would you like twins?
Do you know any twins? If so, what are they called?
If you were given the choice to choose your childs gender, would you?
What instrument would you love to learn how to play?
Does the sound of knocking/tapping startle you?
What's the scariest story/urban legend/creepypasta etc you heard?
Do you miss someone currently?
When was the last time you were in hospital? What for [if comfy saying]?
When was the last time you went to the dentist?
Do you get along well with your family doctor/your doctor?
What personality trait does nearly everyone in your family seem to have?
The surveys ended. I hope you enjoyed it. :)

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