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Author: candellea
Created: June 2, 2011
Taken: 23 times
Rated: G

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m y l o v e l i e s, i l o v e y o u < 3

Created by candellea and taken 23 times on Bzoink
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i h o p e y o u k n o w t h a t t h i s i s f o r g i r l s
hi there gorgeous, whats your name?
what a beeyoutiful name! how old is this lovely girl?
what an exciting age! how would you describe your style?
that sounds epic. take me shopping? what would you like to be ?
a very honourable profession =) do you think that you're beautiful?
well you a r e <3 favorite song?
i likeee that song. are you christian?
god is great <3 play any sports?
you sound like you are good at it! fave subject?
education is important;) do you have a boyfriend?
music is love trying to find words...fave genre of music?
ohhh thats awesome! hidden talent?
you are unique in a beautiful way! enjoyed this?