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Author: doedear
Created: May 30, 2011
Taken: 73 times
Rated: G

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Every breath that is in your lungs is a tiny little gift to me.

Created by doedear and taken 73 times on Bzoink
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Do you know who Mike Wolf is?
Do you watch American Pickers?
At what age did it hit you where you just didn't want anything to do w/...
...your parents anymore?
Do you have any glittery clothes?
Is your room the noisiest room in the house?
Lady Gaga's Born This Way or Adele's 21?
Did Kanye ruin E.T.?
Would you be cool with dating someone who was bisexual?
Do you own an asymmetrical top?
Does your dad listen to Eagles?
Have you ever bought anything from Urban Outfitters?
What's the last thing you cleaned, other than your body?
Will you be/have you done anything for Memorial Day?
What do you order at Cracker Barrel?
Favorite Bath & Body Works scent?
Do you like Redbull?
Have you ever watched Stormchasers?
Have any bad habits that need breaking?
Have you ever done your clothes at a laundry mat?
Who's the last person who touched your tummy?
Where do your arms go when you hug?
Is it OK to flirt with guys on Facebook when you have a boyfriend?
Do you have anything against Jesse Eisenberg?
Has your ex ever showed up while you were with your newer boyfriend?
How long can you run until you're out of breath?
Ever find it depressing how non-magical things become once you're older?
Have you ever been in a fire?
Can you wrap your thumb and your index finger around your wrist?
Have you ever loved (romantically) more than one person at once?
When's the last time you woke up past 2 PM?
Do you use a bath sponge or a washcloth?
How many towels do you need to dry off after you shower?
Do you ever get water all over the floor somehow?
Do you have strange cricket-like bugs in your garage?
Do you have an old barn or building somewhere on your property?
Rivers Cuomo or Adam Gontier?
Oh Land or Alex Winston?
Best Coast or Dum Dum Girls?
Are you gonna be going to any concerts this summer?
Ever been to Ron Jon's?
Own anything Derek Heart?
Cheap Monday?
Jude Law or Elijah Wood?
Do you have any twins in your family?
What's your favorite coffee mug look like?
Do you have an older female relative who likes to shop at yard-sales?
Are most of those people on the side of the road with a cardboard...
...really homeless?
Do you know what food your mother craved when she was pregnant w/ you?
Do you like that food?
Does your boyfriend ever wear any jewelry?
Do you have anything Fossil?
Do you remember what flavor your last sucker was?
Are you friends with anyone who is physically paralyzed?
Do you know how they got that way?
Do you shop at farmer's markets?
Do you like folk art?
Do you have any jewelry sporting a peace sign?
Do you like black diamonds?
Have you ever flipped someone off while you were driving?
Who taught you how to drive, anyway?
Bright colors or pastels?
Do you have anything hidden in your underwear drawer?
Maybe under your bed?
Have you ever smoked weed out of a Coke can?
How long does it take you to do your hair when you're really dressing up?
Have you ever had to deal with major baggage from a boyfriend?
Do you like equestrian or nautical stuff more?
Do you go all out on school projects or just enough to get a passing grade?
John Lee Hooker or Son House?
Do guys look good in trenchcoats?
Do you know how to roll?
Have you ever seen Johnny Got His Gun?
Do you know anyone who's beautiful, but seriously unaware?
Have you ever subconsciously described someone you like-liked as...
'like a brother' to you?