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Author: artisticdreamers
Created: May 25, 2011
Taken: 60 times
Rated: R

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The Survey of Sin

Created by artisticdreamers and taken 60 times on Bzoink
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Like a sinner before the gates of heaven
Name, oh Evil One?
Favourite sin?
Saint or sinner?
The Sin of Greed
Do you play the lotto or use scratch cards?
What would you do if you found a wallet with 100 inside?
1,000 and the wallet is Versace?
What sort of car would you drive if you were more wealthy?
What would you spend your money on?
Would your slaves have a uniform, or just rags?
Do you believe in concepts such as Monetarism?
Do you actually care about the poor?
Or do you think they should continue making your shoes?
Would you feed your slaves?
Do you think that you're guilty?
The Sin of Gluttony
Favourite food?
Are you obese?
Can you diet?
Could you manage a sponsored fast for Concern or similar?
If you wore a 'Save the Whales' t-shirt, would people laugh at the irony?
Opinions on McDonald'S...
Do Marks & Spencer's adverts make you hungry?
Can you see your toes?
Men, do you have larger breasts than your girlfriend?
Does your bike have a 'Wide Load' licence plate?
Do you have your own postcode?
Are you a glutton?
The Sin of Envy
Don't you just hate rich, funny, attractive people?
Some complete whore chats up your fella/girl. Your reaction...
Or, if single, do you wish all the couples around would get the clap?
... And maybe die?
Are your friends uglier than you because you hate pretty people?
Do you want to force-feed Lindsey Lohan lard?
Or transplant some of your arse fat into Keira Knightley?
Ever had sex with your best friend's ride of a boy/girlfriend?
Or purposely crashed their car?
Your friends who get some are clearly slappers, right?
Ever get drunk and throw up on your friend?
Are they rich?
Was the top you puked on worth more than your entire wardrobe?
Are you the jealous type?
The Sin of Anger
Do you ever turn into a green lesbian?
How often do you roar, "I am bloody calm!"
How often do you hit people?
Ever considered going Columbine at school? (Well, don't... thinking is fine
Are your parents arseholes?
Do you listen to metal because "no one understands me, man!!"
Or do you listen to rap and wear jeans halfway down their arse?
Do you pretend to be a black American?
How do you handle criticism?
By the way, an aborted foetus had better spelling.....
... Are you mentally challenged?
How did THAT make you feel? ^
Do you have a temper?
The Sin of Sloth
Why aren't you exercising or working or something?
Do you have anything productive planned for today?
Didn't think so...
Is your closest friend the television?
Are you a stoner?
Go get something from a different room.
Did you get it? What was it?
Or were you too bloody lazy?
Do people sometimes poke you to check that you're still alive?
Is your motto "I can't be arsed"?
Your house is on fire... how long before you're bothered to run out?
Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction?
Does it matter? You'd just lie on top like a beached whale anyway....
Are you a couch potato?
The Sin of Pride
How wonderful are you? Scale of one to ten.
Must your friends bow down before you like peasants?
Do you think your mum cleans your room with her tongue?
Does she savour each moment of it?
Do you help those beneath you, such as the poor or gingers?
Doesn't that just make you a kind, generous and amazing person?
You're single because you've yet to meet the Gucci model you deserve, right
Is Ghandi a selfish smelly bastard compared to you?
You're more humanitarian than Mother Theresa... without her saggy tits, too
What will you do after you tire of international stardom?
Are you at all up yourself?
The "Sin" of Lust
Is your heart as open as your legs?
How many stamps left on STI check-ups card?
Ever had to resort to a knitting needle?
What's Continental if Durex is a girl's best friend?
Everyone has a slutty friend. Can you think of who yours in?
No? That's because it's you, you slag!
Do you have Anne Summers on speed dial?
Do people throw salt water at you?
Come on... weirdest place you've done it...
Should you name your first daughter Chlamydia?
Or go more traditional and call her Bus Stop, after where she was conceived
Are you a complete slag?
You look proper dirty anyway...
The Eight and Deadliest of Sins...
... Bad Taste
Have you got a muffin top?
Are you a fan of Justin I'm-too-pre-pubescent-to-know-about Beaver?
What about Jedward?
Are you a gleek?
Do your "straight-legs" look like they've been painted on?
Do you have more bling than Tiffany's?
Have you ever been mistaken for a pimp?
Do you like Rebecca Black?
Does East Enders look posh to you?
Do you ever try to look like a tangerine?
Good Lord... the only thing worse than that luminous pink tracksuit...
... is the matching handbag! Chav!