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Author: thgoodlife
Created: May 10, 2011
Taken: 111 times
Rated: PG

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I am not a girl that can be defined.

Created by thgoodlife and taken 111 times on Bzoink
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do you like eminem?
what is 'joy' to you?
your favourite meal growing up?
how many bedrooms in the house you live in?
what link was the closest person to you that's died?
anything about your mum that annoys you?
are you friends with anybody that you dont particularly like/respect?
what are your thoughts on gossip girl, the programme?
your favourite foods are?
whats your favourite meal to cook?
what meal that your mum cooks is your favourite?
you get to choose takeaways for dinner tonight, what do you choose?
where would you go if you could go anywhere if the world right now?
what are your thoughts/opinions on new zealand? (the country)
how many best friends do you have?
favourite girls names?
favourite boys names?
if you could create a perfume, what scents would you want incorporated?
if you won a holiday would you choose the cruise or resort?
doc martins or converse chuck taylors?
strawberries or blueberries?
apples or bananas?
dan humphrey or chuck bass?
Im buying a new camera, should I choose black or silver?
best thing to happen to you yesterday?
what have you eaten today?
fruit juice, fresh cold water or cola?
slippers or socks?
chocolate caramel slice or chocolate brownies?
silver or gold?
$1000 every week for a year or a lump sum of $35,000?
serena vanderwoodsen or blair waldorf?
have you ever tried caviar? can you explain the taste to me?
would you rather live in an apartment or stand alone house?
city or country?
last alcoholic beverage you had?
favourite M&Ms flavour?
do you like twilight or harry potter?
please paste the last thing you copied below?
can you remember the last thing you googled or youtubed?
ever been on redtube?
ew have u seen the blue waffle? google it, beware it's filth.
do you use facebook often? (im addicted!)
your most played song at the moment?
Thanks for taking my FIRST survey. Please save your answers and rate :)