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Author: rockstarriley9
Created: May 7, 2011
Taken: 167 times
Rated: G

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This or That

Created by rockstarriley9 and taken 167 times on Bzoink
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pie or cake
black or white
couch or bed
on or off
long or short
wet or dry
smile or frown
hot or cold
fast or slow
food or friends
cute or pretty
pillow or blanket
moon or stars
pepsi or coke
purple or green
blue or white
red or yellow
big or small
bright or dark
neon or regular
tv or ipod
art or choir
rootbeer or dr.pepper
cat or dog
pink or black
pen or pencil
marker or flower
new york or hawii
japan or london
stars or hearts
tennis or vollyball
pop or hip-hop
country or rap
beach or sea
dance or art
desert or space
the sky or the sun
theater or football
singing or dancing
outside or inside
posum or squirrel
feet or arms
mom or dad
sister of brother
boyfriend or bestfriend