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Author: danceislove2409
Created: April 30, 2011
Taken: 98 times
Rated: G

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Took the joy along side the pain, with not much to lose but so much to gain.

Created by danceislove2409 and taken 98 times on Bzoink
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What's your most recent mistake?
If you could live in one country, where would you live?
Who inspires you the most?
Insert something random and irrelevant -
..waffle fries
What's your opinion on fast food?
Did you knwo somebody impacted by the torandos in Alabama?
How often do you attend church?
What's the farthest distance you've run without stopping?
What is your ordinary day-to-day hairstyle?
What's your favorite class in school?
Why is that your favorite class?
Have you had a lot of relationship drama recently?
What's the worst news you've gotten recently?
Have you seen the new Madea movie?
I suggest you go see it!
Can you rap at all?
At the moment, what song you listen to the most?
Favorite genre of movies?
What's your current outlook on life?
In your whole house, what room do you stay in the most?
What's your favorite place to hang out?
What city are you from?
How much time do you spend on computer a week?
If a stranger gave you a cookie, would you eat it?
Imagine it's 11:11.. what's your wish?
Do you believe in wishes coming true at all?
What's your relationship status?
How many close friends would you say you have?
What's one thing you're looking forward too?
What's your favorite song lyric?
Who makes you laugh the most?
Do you have the ability to skateboard?
Have you ever smoked weed or gotten drunk?
What do you want to change about yourself?
^ trick question, you shouldn't change anything.
you're perfect the way you are! <3
Are you optimistic?
How do you feel towards overweight people?