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Author: cutthroatxrainbows
Created: April 26, 2011
Taken: 200 times
Rated: PG

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...Because nobody cares about your favorite color or who you last texted

Created by cutthroatxrainbows and taken 200 times on Bzoink
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What do you value above all else?
...and what do you most fear?
Where do you stand on the concept of God?
...and organized religion?
Would you rather be wealthy or fulfilled?
If you could do something that would change the world, what would it be?
Describe a day in your life that was memorable.
If you could say something to somebody you consider an enemy, you'd say...
What truly upsets you?
If you had a chance to have power over many people would you take it?
Do you tell the people that you care about that you care?
...or do you show them?
What would you say to someone you've lost, if you had the chance.
If you could turn back time, what would you do differently?
What's important? What isn't?
What song, image, movie, book, quote, speaks to you more than anything?
If you could say something, that the world would hear, what would it be?
What makes you smile when you're sad?
How often do you find yourself apologizing but know you shouldn't?
Would you save ten strangers or one loved one?
Does 'true love' exist?
If so what is it? If not, why not?
Have you experienced it?
Do you believe in free will or fate? Or a combination of both?
What's the most creative thing you've done in the past week?
When you make a mistake, how do you react?
What's the biggest risk you're willing to take?
When was the last time you took time just to think?
Do you live in the present or the future?
If you don't know somebody how do you feel about them?