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Author: mistylovzfrank
Created: April 20, 2011
Taken: 56 times
Rated: PG

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If yuh wana hate have a nice time 420 :))

Created by mistylovzfrank and taken 56 times on Bzoink
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Age? Grade?
Eye/hair color?
Do yuh wish yuh werr taller?
Where yuh live? U like it there?
Now alll about yuh ha
Any pets?
If yuh were to have a kid wat wud yuh namd thrm?
How many do yuh want?
Taken or single?
Do u drive?
Dream car?
Wat do u wanna b in the future?
Fave colors?
Biggest pet peeve?
Biggest fears?
Biggest turn on?
Biggest turn off?
Wat kinda weather do u prefer?
How yah feeling today?
Yuh celebrate 420 :D
If so smoke it up && enjoyy :)
Yuh likee cartoons?
Last movie u saw in theatrre?
Last thing yuh ate? Did yah like it?
Can u luvr without internet?
U still own vhs movies?
Wats yur clothing style?
Did yah ever go tanning?
Last vacation yu went on?
Last concert yuh saw?
What kinda movies do u like?
Dont u just hate miley cyrus? :)
Do u liike lil wayne?
Whos yur idol?
U close with yur parents?
Ride 4 wheelers?
Do u liike camping?
Yur biggest acheivement?
Yur biggest regret?
Yur favorites
Music type?
Song to sing along to?
Movie type?
Fav horror movie?
Fav comedy?
Tv show?
Radio station?
Fav person to txt?
Fav school subject?
Teacher,if any? Why?
Fav grade yuh been in?
Fav type of weather?
Fav day of week?
Fav time of day?
Fav video game?
Fav video game sytem?
Fav board game?
Fav card game?
Fav store to shop at?
Fav fast food place?
Fav resturant?
Fav food to get there?
Fav animal?
Fav insect?
Fav thing to do in summer?
Fav drink non alcoholic?
Fav alcoholic drink?
Fav drug of choice?
Fav cig?
Fav person to spend the day with?
Fav ride to go on an amusement park?
Fav state?
Fav color to wear?
Fav shoe store?
Fav website?
Fav song at the moment?
Fav sport team?
Fav sport to play/watch?
Fav/lucky number?
Fav veggie?
Fav fruit?
Fav cereal?
Fav soda flavor?
Fav coffee flavor?
Fav starburt flavor?
Gum flavor?
Icecream flavor?
Skittle colOr?
Name for a pet?
Fav old movie? From wen yu were a kid?
Fav. Shampoo?
Fav gift to rcieve on valentineday?
Fav hallowen costume from wen yu were a kid?
Fav saying/quote?
Fav place to hang out?
Fav lotion/moisturizer?
Fav color of nail polish?
Fav way to wear yur hair?
Fav cartoon character?
This or that?!
Halloween or valentine day?
420 or mardi gras?
Christmas or yur bday?
Car or truck?
Ford or dodge?
Mistubishi or mazda?
Fbook or twitter?
Heels or flats?
Sneakers or flip flops?
Walmart or sams club?
Aeropostale or hot topic?
Hollister or victoria secret?
Ebay or craigslist?
Ipod or ipad?
Verizon or at&t?
Soda or water?
Mtn dew or pepsi?
Coffee Or tea?
Icedd coffee or hot coffee?
Bong or pipe or joint?
Shrooms or acid?
Txtng or calling?
Computrr or tv?
OceAn or pool?
Kottonmouth kings or cypress hill?
Ashton kutcher or brad pitt?
Megan fox or snooki? Ha
Transformers or disturbia?
Hary potter or twilight?
Drive inn or movie theatre?
Big mac or whopper?
Milkshake or smoothie?
Ketchup or mustard?
Gerbil or hamster?
Rottweiler or pitbull?
Boxer or bulldog?
Small dog or big dog?
Swedish fish or sour patch kids?
Bbq or sour cream n onion chips?
Sheetz or wawa?
Hugs or kisses?
Hair staightner or curling iron?
Guy singers or girl singers?
Hoodies or jackets?
Skinny jeans or regular jeans?
Skirts or shorts?
Big parties or havin a few friends ovr?
Moon or sun?
Rain or snow?
Toastr strudel or poptart?
Thanksgiving or easter?
Bugs bunny or taz?
Tweety or tinkerbell?
Piglet or simba?
Eeyore or mickey mouse?
Jimmy neutron or spongebob?