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Author: baybay173
Created: April 15, 2011
Taken: 129 times
Rated: PG

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Different DNA ... *

Created by baybay173 and taken 129 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever felt your dreams would never come true?
Are you currently having any problems with any of your friends?
Do you text your mom?
Ke$ha or Rihanna?
What does your hair look like right now?
Do you have a favorite vegetable?
When is the last time you ate an Oreo?
Do you enjoy taking surveys?
Whats your favorite color?
Are you and your father close?
For the song S&M- Britney or Rihanna?
Were you a Micheal Jackson fan?
Are you one of those Twilight fans?
Do you use good grammar?
How do you type your smiley faces?
When is the last time you went to the dentist?
Honestly, are you a virgin?
Do you like polka-dots?
Zebra pattern? Or cheetah pattern?
Do you like it when surveys on here get really, really deep?
Where did you get the shoes you were wearing today?
Are you sitting or laying down right now?
Single or Taken?
Do you like country music?
What is one thing that is a total turn-off for you?
Are you good at spelling?
Do you like to read?
Honestly, do you care what people think of you?
What is the weather like?
Plaid or stripes?
Do you watch American Idol?
Do you watch Glee?
Do you have a Formspring?
Are you a Bieber fan?
Do you like to sing? Dance?
Quick! Say a random word:
Have you ever wanted to be a little kid again?
Do you own a laser?
Pri$$y North, Dirrrrrty South, or W!ld West?
Do you give-up easily?
How is your day been so far?
Where did you here about Bzoink?