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Author: skillsaw
Created: April 5, 2011
Taken: 175 times
Rated: PG

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What kind of person are you?

Created by skillsaw and taken 175 times on Bzoink
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View Current Survey Results

When you get angry, what's your usual response?
When you're feeling sad, how do you act?
Do you consider yourself thoughtful? Pick the answer that you think fits...
Are you the greedy type? Pick the one that suits you...
What's your criminal history? Pick it...
Alcohol history. What have you done?
Drugs. Which one suits you?
Family. Indicate the statement that fits you.
Schooling. What's the best statement?
Relationship status.
Outer perspective. How do you think people view you?
If you could be any animal, which one would it be? Pick one.
Which one of these sounds better?
Which one of these jobs appeals to you more?
Finally, which one of these disgusts you more?