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Author: doedear
Created: March 19, 2011
Taken: 82 times
Rated: PG

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Want to hate you but then I kiss you. Want to kill you but then I'd miss you.

Created by doedear and taken 82 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever been hit on by somebody way too old for you?
Have you ever vacationed in Hawaii?
Are you familiar with Best Coast or Wavves?
Have you ever climbed a chain-link fence?
Have you ever had to run from the cops?
What's something you're very afraid of?
How vivid is your imagination?
Do you know anyone who is constantly humming?
Do you live with anyone who has obnoxiously loud, booming footsteps?
Are you afraid of any specific animals?
Have you ever skipped around a parking lot with your boyfriend?
Do you even have a boyfriend?
Did anything comical happen to you today?
Do you know anyone who looks a lot like a bulldog?
Are you any good at fuseball?
Who do you usually dream about?
Do you visit your dentist as often as you should?
Do you understand art?
Do you still have a teddy bear?
Do you like Jell-O shots?
Do you tan?
Do you like the color lime green?
Do you own anything from Disney Couture?
Were you in Girl Scouts?
Did you get any Girl Scout cookies this year?
What's your favorite fairytale?
Do you apologize when you know you should?
Do apologies really make anything better?
Can other people tell when you're high?
Do you own a birdcage?
Do you ever wait for a certain someone's text/call?
Can someone else tell when you're high?
Is it cruel to keep birds as pets?
What kind of phone do you have?
Ripped up jeans or no thanks?
How many hoodies or sweatshirts do you own?
Do you look good in rompers?
Do you have any impressive talents?
Are you comfortably with taking a pee in front of your friends?
Alexander McQueen or Alexander Wang?
Do you have blind faith in anything?
Have you ever planted anything?
Have you ever been blackmailed into doing anything?
Are you currently feeling guilty about anything?
What eyeshadow color looks best on you?
Can you tolerate small children?
Do you watch Adult Swim?
Do you like animal hats?
What's the most annoying sound ever?
High waisted skirts or skinny jeans?
Do you own a baseball bat?
Do you give in easy to peer pressure?
Do you like bows?
What's the stupidest behavior humans partake in?
Have you ever seriously considered suicide?
How do you move on from the death of a loved one?
Do you watch RJ Berger? (:
How do you feel about oral sex?
What's something you won't/can't tolerate in a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Would you rather have strobe lights or a massive bubble making machine?