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Author: everyusernameistaken
Created: March 16, 2011
Taken: 35 times
Rated: G

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Gingers (<- The title of this survey should be enough motivation to take it[; )

Created by everyusernameistaken and taken 35 times on Bzoink
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Do you like gingers as much as do?
If not, then lay off the haterade brahh.;P
If you were forced to write a paper on something right now what would it be
How many pens have you used today?
Does your favorite game involve using a board?
What part on your body hurts the most?
Are you old enough to drink?
What would you say to someone if they were about to give up? (on anything)
Do you think you're inspirational?
Has someone ever stalked you?
How 'bout that weather?
Can you understand Shakespeare litature?
Wait. Have YOU ever stalked someone else??..
Have you ever given a fake number to someone?
Do you need a haircut?
Does Justin Bieber need a haircut?
Favorite tree?
Do you find it funny when people fall down escalators?
Staring contest....3...2...1..GO!
I think we both know who won that one...[:
Would you rather have a black car or a neon color of your choice?
Were you born in the same country you're in at this. Exact. Moment?
Did that sound a little stalkerish? My appologies.
If you could only talk in lyrics, what band would quote the most?
Speaking of music, anything you're listening to right now?
If someone forgot to tell you today: youre an amazing person inside and out
How important are looks in a significant other to you? Lets be honest here.
How often do you think you unintentionally judge other people?
Anything youre excited about?[:
Go ahead, brag about something[;