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Author: -iloveyou
Created: March 13, 2011
Taken: 139 times
Rated: G

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I like my beats fast and my bass down low.

Created by -iloveyou and taken 139 times on Bzoink
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What's your name?
What have you done today?
Do you have something more important that you should be doing?
How's your love life?
What are you listening to right now?
Do you have any piercings or tattoos?
Do you want any piercings or tattoos?
Do you have any bruises right now?
How's your hair looking today?
Who's the last person you texted?
Have you ever kissed anyone who's name started with A, G, J, R, or Z?
Do you dress up a lot?
Last dream you remember having?
What happened with your last ex that caused you to break up?
Do you eat when you're bored?
Do you have a
Are you insecure?
Are you a good singer?
What is your favorite TV show?
Favorite band/artist?
Do you have any pets?
Which parent do you look the most like?
Any siblings?
When's the last time you cried?
When's the last time you laughed?
Last time you laughed so hard you cried?
Do you have any role models/heroes?
What are you wearing?
Do you have any posters in your bedroom?
What is your opinion on Lady Gaga?
Are you tired?
Favorite sport?
Last time you were sick?
What kinda mood are you in?
That's all, goodbye. (: