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Author: zombehkittehtng
Created: March 11, 2011
Taken: 15 times
Rated: PG

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i will not die, i'll wait here for you. <3

Created by zombehkittehtng and taken 15 times on Bzoink
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I'm super bored, so here's a survey
Do you ever replace the lyrics in songs to make them inapropreiate?
Did you notice i can't spell "Inappropriate " [Spell Check was used, lol.]
Do you like the band Three Days Grace?
i hate the new Gatorade shit, do you? >_<
And what about freaking auto smileys? Ughh.
Do you like ranting?
Do you like pooping? c:
Pooping is a beautiful part of nature and you should embrace it - Nickel
Are you single?
Do you realize i honestly don't care if your single? xP
So, i'm guessing your bored?
Cha duin?
Oh that's cool, i'm listening to music.
Unless what you said isn't cool, on that case, im sorry. *hug*
Do you go out to eat today?
Have you ever thought about how the questions asked might reflect on what h
-appened in the person askings life?
For example, i went out to eat today. :p
if you know the song from the title, your awesome, are you awesome? XD
i bet you really want some chicken.
Do you have fingernails?
What's your opinion on Miley Cyrus? ;D
Do you have a cell phone?
i don't. And Surveys allways ask about it, gets on my FUCKING nerves.
Pedobear is outside your window. c:
Do you know who Destry Moore is? c: You should.
i love you. :D
Can i have your number?
Do you know anyone nicknamed Booger?
Damn, your really bored, arent you?
Am i entertaining you?
i doubt it.
What's your gender?
What did you call your privates when you were little? XD
Have you ever named a penis?
Do you have a penis?
Oh that's nice.
Ham? i really like ham. :3
What's your favorite smiley face? C:
Silly bands?
Do you hate it when people say shit they got off facebook , and don't say -
- they got it from facebook?
i need to poooop now. >_>
Do you cut yourself?
Remeber, i love you, and there are better things in your furture<3.
Need a friend? We could be friends. xD
Have you seen a paint splattered jelly braclet? i have one on my arm. c:
is this survey getting to long for you?
Do you think AutoTune is taking over the music world? >_<
is this place about to blow-ow-o-o-o-o-o-ow?
And is that monster cheese tickeling my tongue? xD
*High-Five if you get that!*
Your name is Dorris, right? probably not. xD
Do you like that name? ^
What's your favorite name?
i'm drinking that kind of Gatorade, are you? ^
Are you gone forever?
i'm starting not to make sence. Do you make sence?