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Author: livvyy23
Created: March 8, 2011
Taken: 309 times
Rated: PG

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I'm crushed, black and blue, but you know I'd do it all again for you.

Created by livvyy23 and taken 309 times on Bzoink
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Your parents hate me cause I love you, tell em I say
Are you a mean drunk?
Do you listen to a lot of mainstream music?
Do you think you're pretty?
Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?
Do you go clubbing?
Have you ever actually read
Are you a hopeless romantic?
When do you have to wake up tomorrow?
Do you think Ludacris is ugly?
Do you fit any stereotype?
Do you associate songs with memories?
What's the weather like where you live?
What's your opinion of Lady Gaga?
Do you appreciate raunchy humor?
Do you ever listen to Lily Allen?
Have you ever been racist?
Have you ever added someone you don't know on Facebook?
Do you make playlists?
What's your worst feature?
Have you ever kept a diary?
Do you actually use your calendar?
Do you have dirty pictures in your phone?
Have you ever looked up porn on the internet?
Are you an angry person?
Are you close with your family?
What kind of music do you listen to when you're sad?
Do you like hippie jewlery?
Have you ever used the word "groovy"?
What are your grades like?
Have you ever watched the original british skins?
Do you like oreos?
Have you ever had a sex dream about someone you barely know?
Were you a cute baby?
Do you ever listen to angry girl music?
Would you ever shoot someone right in the face?
Have you ever sold drugs?
What color are your headphones?
What are you like first thing in the morning?
Do you get crazy sex hair?
Do you download your music illegaly?
Have you ever crashed a wedding?
Were you a blink 182 fan back in the day?
Were you ugly in middle school?
Have you ever been to Boulder Colorado?
Do you rage against conformity?
Have you ever yelled at a self check out machine?
Have you ever been shot?
Is everything going to be okay?
Are you stoned right now?
Do you listen to Sublime?
Has someone ever understood you more than your understood yourself?
Are you on good terms with your parents?
Have you ever written a letter to Santa just for kicks?
What's your opinion on border control?
Do some people have way too much time on their hands?
Do you ever drink 5 hour energy shots?
Does country music ever make you cry?
Have you ever had a moment so wonderful it felt like magic?
Have you ever snorted pixie sticks?
Are you okay on your own?
Does your face twitch when you're about to cry?
If heaven and hell are real, which one are you going to?
Have you ever had a premonition?
Did you ever try cutting yourself?
Do empty streets creep you out?
Have you ever seen your dad cry?
What's the last concert you went to?
Have you ever gotten sick of taking about yourself?
Could you ever be a therapist?
Have you ever made yourself throw up?
Do you know someone who looks like one of the beach boys?
Are your nails currently painted pink or purple?
Do you adore mini sticky notes?
Do you have bad short term memory?
What's a song that will always give you the chills?
Have you had any major tragedies in your life?
What do you think of open casket funerals?
Are you bad at spelling?
Have you ever had a pet rat?
What do you binge on?
Do you want a cigarette right now?
Can you shake your ass?
Do you know someone named Dick?
Do you have a childish sense of humor?
Do you like free samples?
Are you a coupon fiend?
Who would you love to be with right now?
Could you go a year without sex?
Are you wearing any rings?
Are you homophobic?
Do spiders make you jump around and squeal like a little girl?
Are you a sexist pig?
Have you screamed at anyone in the past week?
Do you have road rage?
Have you ever made yourself look like a fool for love?
Did you ever see the harry potter movies on opening night?
Could you ever eat a worm?
Do you have low self esteem?
When you hang out with someone a lot do you start to pick up their habits?
Have you ever called your mom a bitch?
Do you have a cute laugh?
Do you write on your arms/hands?
Do you believe that you can get ink poisoning from that?
Do you think you're gonna sleep okay tonight?