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Author: xcaileighx
Created: February 24, 2011
Taken: 122 times
Rated: G

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Funny, Random and Stupid at the Same Time! WOAH!

Created by xcaileighx and taken 122 times on Bzoink
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How are you?
Oh thats real nice. Whats you name?
Cool, nice name. Are you a girl?
Oh. Whens your birthday?
Whats you favorite show?
Do you like school?
Ikr! Who am I kidding. No one does. Or do you have a job?
Mhm. Are you cool like me?
Baahaha yes. Do you have a meez account?
I do. Its awesome. Where are you putting this survey?
Whats your favorite drink?
Really? What about candy?
Oh thats cool. How many pets do you have? If you do what are their names?
Woah there. Well, do you like music? What type?
Do you have a myspace? LOL who am I kidding no one does.
Do you like green grass? :3
Do you like the color blue?
When is the last time you brushed your nasty teeth?!
Uh. Well, what color is your shirt right now?
How many friends do you have?
Baa! I have many. What are their names?
Do you have a facebook account? I do.
Yes or No?!
You eat veggies?
You hurt others?
You laugh at random moments?
You enjoy others pain?
You like pop music?
Your house is gray?
Your hair is bleached?
Bleached hair is funny looking. Is your hair nice and brown?
Are you bored like me?
Are you funny?
Oh i didnt think so. Did you?
TURTLES?! Are you confused?
Thats weird... SUPRISE! So do you like muffins? Yes? No? I do.
Aahahahuihfninbgiktnbigbhinknbikt! Did that make you mad?
Ok. >_> HI.
Yes or no?!
Dang you akward turtles!
Have i met you somewhere before. No? I didnt think so.
Well that wasn't so hard now was it?