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Author: girlay
Created: February 19, 2011
Taken: 159 times
Rated: G

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Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday.

Created by girlay and taken 159 times on Bzoink
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Do your nails grow out round or square?
Have you ever saw a car accident happen?
If you could only eat Burger King or Mcdonals for the rest of your life...
^ Which would you choose?
Do you try to laugh it off if you do something embarrassing?
Have you ever made a wish at 11:11 & it came true?
What do you do to get out of akward situations?
Do you own a ovesized purse?
Have you ever tried pranking someone, but failed?
Do your hands get all sweaty when you get nervous?
Have you ever gone two days without brushing your teeth?
Do you think Facebook should make a dislike button?
Did you ever do bullentin surveys on Myspace?
Do you have any Facebook friends who constantly post stuff on there status?
Have you ever woke up and didn't know where you were?
Do you think love is color blind?
Do you wear colored contacts?
Do you own anything from Ikea?
Do you still use a VCR?
Was the last show you watched on a flat screen?
Do you ever feel sick if you don't eat for a long period of time?
Have you ever had a cat named Lucy?
Do you have any friends currently that you think are drifting away?
Do you think learning cursive in elementry school was pointless?
Do you like being in the center of attention?
Have any inside jokes with friends?
Have you ever been told that you should be a model?
Are you usually one of the shortest or tallest of your friends?
Would you go back to Myspace if Facebook ever shutted down?
Have you ever been on crutches?
Ever feel like your being stared at when you look out the window at night?
Have you ever caught someone staring at you by the corner of your eye?
Does your hair seem to frizz ALOT when you blow dry it?
Do you have naturally pen straight hair?
Do you have a f13 button on your keyboard?
Do you have any beauty marks?
Do you ever get told that you look like a certain celebrity?
Are you under 5 feet tall?
Have you ever listened to a song over & over and then got tired of it?
Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?