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Author: clara1023
Created: January 30, 2011
Taken: 198 times
Rated: G

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i like cake. (are we alike?)

Created by clara1023 and taken 198 times on Bzoink
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Your name starts with a C:
You were born in the 90s:
You live in Europe:
You speak 3 languages:
You dont smoke:
You dont drink:
You have 4 best friends:
You are funny, but also serious:
You disagree with racism:
You believe in gay marriage:
One of your best friends is gay:
Youre female
Your favorite place to be, is your bed:
Your favorite colour is blue:
Your favorite band is Coldplay:
You hate the color pink:
You like to read:
Youre very good at drawing:
Youre studying:
You have a good relationship to your mom:
You dont talk to your dad, but have your reasons:
Your parents are divorced:
Your birthday is in august:
You actually dont like chocolate very much:
But you loooove chocolate ice cream:
You love music:
But you hate music with superficial lyrics:
You live in an apartment:
You love to discuss:
You have one younger brother:
Youve brown hair:
Youve brown eyes:
Youve never dyed your hair:
You love being in a relationship:
Youre single :(
Youre in love with your best friend:
Your best friend is a guy:
You hate drama:
Youre not a very girly girl:
Youre tall:
Youre normal weight:
You loooove sushi:
You dont play any sports:
You live in Scandinavia:

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