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Author: ameri-lynn123
Created: January 17, 2011
Taken: 45 times
Rated: PG

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Can you handle this survey . . . ??

Created by ameri-lynn123 and taken 45 times on Bzoink
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Be completely honest - I won't judge !
Do you promise you'll tell the truth?
"What would you do..."
If a homeless guy asked you for spare change:
If you saw a lost puppy on the side of the rode:
If you saw a lady drop a 50 dollar bill on the ground:
If you saw a man breaking into a house:
If you knew a friend was being abused:
If you saw a someone being murdered:
If your bff told you a secret about them robbing a store:
If you found a dead body bag on the side of the rode:
If you had the option to take $1million but someone would be killed:
If you had to save your mom or dad:
If you had the option to kill your mom, kill your dad, or kill yourself:
If a bird was stuck in the rode while you were driving:
If you knew your best friend was a criminal:
If you cheated with your best friend's boyfriend/girlfriend:
If you knew how to hack into the school's computer system:
If a homeless person came up to you and asked for ride:
If you found out your mom or dad broke the law:
If you knew someone who escaped jail but threatened you not to tell anyone:
If you found out your uncle cheated on your aunt:
If you saw a kid being bullied in school:
If you knew someone who got raped:
If you saw someone cheating on a exam:
If someone you knew was thinking about going suicide:
These were some pretty tough question, huh?
Did these questions make you think a lot?
Did you answer them truthfully?
Do you think this was a hard survery?
Did you think you could handle this survey?