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Author: livvyy23
Created: January 9, 2011
Taken: 314 times
Rated: G

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Oh baby, it's a wild wild world. (are we alike?)

Created by livvyy23 and taken 314 times on Bzoink
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You're a girl, and you like it that way.
You're below the age of 18, but you wish otherwise.
You love music. Like really really love it.
You have a variety of issues that you should probably get help with.
You always have your ipod with you.
Your room is always messy but you're actually a neat person.
You have a weird-ish sense of style.
You keep some sort of journal.
You've tried blogging.
You've failed a class.
You have dyed your hair, but decided you actually liked your natural color.
You smoke, and you're not proud.
You've tried to be vegetarian, and failed.
You adore orange chicken.
You have a lot of quirks.
You love dubstep.
You love dancing.
You hate bruno mars.
You should have your license, but don't.
You have 3 siblings.
You like going places.
You have no ambitions at the moment.
You never get sick.
You used to have braces.
You have very cold hands.
You have a variety of best friends.
You love movies that are a little off.
You and your sister are extremely close.
You worry about your sister daily, even though she's older than you.
Your parents are insane.
You love walking with your ipod.
You used to always have a hamster.
You love cities.
You sometimes have major issues finding a reason to get out of bed.
You love hot showers.
You like working out.
You have a "project" boyfriend.
You hate what facebook has done to your life.
You currently look absolutely ridiculous.
You give the appearance of being confident.
You go to the library because you want to.
You get super excited every time you get your period.
You hate kids.
You hate babysitting.
You are trying to get a job but not really.
You're the baby of the family.
You are unattractive without makeup.
You are kinda small.
You hate 'LOL'.
You hate guys that put too much gel in their hair.
You hate polos because they make guys look like douche bags.
You love saying 'douche bag'.
You one day hope to actually travel.
Your walls are covered.
You have stolen from stores before.
You have done something incredibly selfish.
You kind of wish you owned a vibrator just to say you did.
The store 'spencer's' both disgusts and excites you.
You hate the mall but love the food court.
You take slutty pictures of yourself. NOT.
You own at least one pair of bunny ears.
You love fuzzy socks.
You hate opening gifts in front of people.
You hate crying because it screws up your mascara.
Your parents make you go to church sometimes.
You have a really random group of friends.
You love George Clooney.
You wish you would have more sex dreams.
You love freaking people out.
You have a lot of embarassing moments.
You love organizing.
Your mom thinks you're insane.
You like to yell in the street.
You're a closet romantic.
You are nothing like me.