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Author: thiscrazedfan
Created: January 1, 2011
Taken: 820 times
Rated: G

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Another Music shuffle? I like 'em ;)

Created by thiscrazedfan and taken 820 times on Bzoink
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Get Music Player Open, Put it on shuffle, Answer question..
Yknow how it goes..
When a stranger compliments you, you say
Your ex smashes the windows on your car, you say
You're crying to your bestfriend because you had your heart broken,she says
The people/objects/things that rule your world are
You meet your favourite celebrity. The first thing you say is
It's the beginning of a new year and you're thinking
You're in the mood for an amusing song. You listen to
A hobo hits you, you respond with
You fall in love with someone you barely know&tell your bestfriend.They say
You find chewing gum on your shoe, what do you think?
You hear strange noises from your neighbours house. Your first thought is
You had a funny dream last night. It was about..
A dog pounces on you. Your reaction is
Your bestfriend is sercretly homosexual. You think
Bad dreams cause you to stop eating. What are the dreanms about?
Someone writes you a song. You say
Its 30days 'til christmas. What are you thinking?
You wake up to find a hippopotamus under your christmas tree. You think
You are told to write a song including a certain lyric. This lyric is..
You're secretly a ninja, and you eat tuna. Your fellow workers think
People call you scruffy, and you reply with
You're told to cover a song, and you choose this song..
The cheesiest thing is..
Your friend is being Mardy. What do you think about this?
You get in trouble for 'vandalising' the local park. Your mum says
You get trapped in a cave and someone rescues you. Your response is
Your nose is itching which signals someone is thinking of you. You think..
You go to bed at 10pm and wake up the next day at 9pm..
You're strapped to a parachute and pushed out a plane. What do you scream?
You feel that you're imperfect+your bestfriend is perfect.What do you do?
You know a girl who is quite spolit. What do you think about her?
What do your parents think of her?
You get pushed off a cliff and manage to hang on. What are you thinking?
You find out that your uncle is a transvestite. You think
Your enemy throws cheese at you. Your reaction is
Your teacher tells you off for drawing on your friends face. You say
You've just put 5colours in your hair. What do your parents think of this?
Its raining, so you go out holding a ______ over your head
What do you wear on your shoes all the time?
Your house is on fire, so you scream
The reason people ignore you is
You have a hummingbird. Describe it's 'personality'..
On your way home one day,a group of teenagers gang up on you.What do you do
What did you do last night?
You're being chased through a forest. Theres nowhere left to run. You think
If a stranger crashed your wedding, what would you do?
You're walking up a street made of gold. What do you do?
You win the lottery and you go to claim your money. You dance and shout..
You're always described as the smiley one in your friend circle. You think
Story? :')
Theme Song
During your birth
Starting school
Making friends
Falling in love
First kiss
Having your heart broken
Giving birth
Getting a family pet
Death scene
Funeral reception
RandomTime? :-)
What do you think of yourself
What do your friends think of you
What do your siblings think of you
Describe your bestfriends personality
Even more random time? ;)
Why is the world so magical?
What song should be played when you eat blu-tack?
You run up to a hobo and high5 them. Their reaction?
You eat so much chicken,you eventually become one.What do you think of this
A big white rabbit throws you to the ground+sits on you.What do you shout?
Your fish starts talking. What does it say?
A complete stranger gives you a baseball cap. What do you do with it?
The end; I cant think of anything else. ;L
Hope you enjoyed ;D