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Author: underthestars
Created: December 29, 2010
Taken: 310 times
Rated: G

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Your Day on Shuffle ;)

Created by underthestars and taken 310 times on Bzoink
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Put your iPod on shuffle. Enter the title or lyrics. Have fun (:
Your first words were:
The first book your parents read to you was called:
You got a text from your crush this morning saying:
When you get married, this will be in your vows:
This will be your catch phrase one day:
You will dance to this at your wedding:
A new movie came out in theatres called:
You'll say this as a pick up line to your crush:
At 2am, you wake up and scream:
Your favorite thing to say is:
Your uncle listens to this 24-7:
A random number leaves you a voicemail and says:
Your facebook status says:
You're gonna get a tattoo that says this:
This is what your mom said when she found out she was pregnant:
Your dad reacted by saying:
When you were born, the first thing someone said about you was:
When you were little, you made up a game called:
You invented a dance called:
You bought a t-shirt that says:
When someone mentions you, they think:
Your next boyfriend/girlfriend will say this to you:
At a talent show, you performed:
Your boyfriend/girlfriend thinks of you when they play this song:
You don't know it, but you say this in your sleep:
Someone secretly wants to say this to you:
When you're in love, you play this song over and over:
If there was a tv show about you, this would be the theme song:
Fill in the blank with either lyrics, or the song title (:
I can't stand ___________.
You are ________.
You totally want (a/an) ______________.
I wish you were__________
I am in love with _____________.
I was late for class once because (I) ___________.
When I see you, I think _____________.
Finally, put the lyrics in here (:
A perfect way to describe my mood is:
I could say this every day:
I've been dying to tell you this since we first met:
If you kissed me, I'd say:
When I'm mad, I yell:
This is so true for me:
In my eyes, you are:
My day was so:
A way to describe my life:
My heart is feeling like:
This survey was:
bye (: