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Author: skiesofsunshine
Created: December 27, 2010
Taken: 178 times
Rated: G

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I'll Be Just Fine;; Pretending I'm Not (This or That Survey!)

Created by skiesofsunshine and taken 178 times on Bzoink
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Big or small;
Rough or smooth;
Top or bottom;
Happy or sad;
Over or under;
Inside or outside;
Wide or thin;
Animals or people;
Black or red;
Yellow or blue;
Green or purple;
Grey or brown;
Tan or teal;
Pink or Plum;
Seeing or hearing;
Tasting or smelling;
Tv or computer;
Myspace or facebook;
Together or apart;
Hands or feet;
Arms or legs;
Money or fame;
Salt or pepper;
Cartoons or reality;
Mustard or ketchup;
Food or drinks;
Drunk or sober;
Single or dating;
Love or hate;
Kissing or hugging;
Number or letters;
Writing or typing;
Skype or oovoo;
Eyes or lips;
Ears or eyes;
Chinese or american;
Long or short;
Tall or short;
Boys or girls;
Questions or answers;
Back or front;
Carpet or wood;
Sticks or stones;
Close or away;
Xbox or playstation;
Playstation or wii;
Wii or xbox;
Fast or slow;
Boxers or briefs;
Short sleeved or long sleeved;
Iphone or droid;
Pop or rock;
Rock or country;
Country or pop;
Metal or pop;
Metal or rock;
Country or metal;
Rap or pop;
Rap or country;
Rap or rock;
Rap or metal;
Jazz or metal;
Jazz or pop;
Jazz or rap;
Dog or cat;
Cat or hamster;
Hamster or snake;
Snake or fish;
Fish or shark;
Shark or bunny;
Bunny or horse;
Horse or cow;
Cow or dolphin;
Dolphin or pig;
Cottage or mansion;
Fake or real;
Plants or animals;
Pillow or blanket;
Mtv or Vh1;
Ke$ha or Rihanna;
Fall Out Boy or Ozzy;
Sneakers or high heels;
Home or office;
Walmart or Kmart;
Kmart or Target;
Target or Walmart;
Pizza hut or mcdonalds;
Mcdonalds or burger king;
Burger king or pizza hut;
Wendys or mcdonalds;
Wendys or burger king;
Wendys or pizza hut;
Plain or fancy;
Bar or casino;
Mom or dad;
Brother or sister;
Aunt or uncle;
Niece or nephew;
Young or old;
Las Vegas or Cleveland;
Philadelphia or Baltimore;
Breakfast or dinner;
Dinner or lunch;
Breakfast or lunch;
Necklace or earrings;
Bracelet or necklace;
Bracelet or earrings;
Baby or adult;
Skirt or pants;
Shorts or pants;
Asleep or awake;
Hellos or goodbyes;
Shiny or drab;
Pointy or dull;
Evening or noon;
Friend or enemies;
Loud or quiet;
Used or new;
Ipod or zune;
Trees or flowers;
Oceans or rivers;
Fall or fly;
Skateboarding or Snowboarding;
Snowboarding or skiing;
Skateboarding or skiing;
Basketball or baseball;
Baseball or soccer;
Soccer or basketball;
Volleyball or baseball;
Volleyball or soccer;
Volleyball or basketball;
Swimming on volleyball;
Swimming or basketball;
Swimming or gymnastics;
Gymnastics or volleyball;
Fencing or karate;
Horse riding or bull riding;
High school or middle school;
Middle school or elementary school;
Elementary school or pre kindergarten;
Fall or winter;
Winter or summer;
Fall or summer;
Spring or fall;
Spring or summer;
Spring or winter;
Empty or full;
Verizon or ATT;