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Author: babydolls
Created: December 22, 2010
Taken: 179 times
Rated: G

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Life at night is always finer, neon streets are full of lust.

Created by babydolls and taken 179 times on Bzoink
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Has a friend ever betrayed you?
Is teenage pregnancy common in your area?
Do you see the new year as a fresh start?
How many children do you want, if any?
Is the song Alejandro by Lady GaGa on your iPod? Assuming you have one -_-
How much do you need to drink to get drunk?
Where were you this time yesterday?
Do you believe in the death penalty?
Do you know anybody called Valerie?
Do your parents own their house or is it rented?
Are you a fan of The Smiths?
Do you read the newspaper often?
Have you ever joined in a protest? If so, what against?
Do people ever complain that you're too quiet?
Do you smoke? If so, how many do you smoke a day?
Do you know anyone that's ever suffered from post natal depression?
How good are your reflexes?
Who is the person that tends to anger you the most?
Do you know what career you want?
Do you enjoy dancing?
Did you pay the last time you saw a movie or did someone pay for you?
Are you currently on a diet?
Do you use predictive text?
Are you a member of a gym?
When did you last use public transport?
Are you worried about anything right now?
Do you tan easily?
What's your favourite song at the moment?
Do you 'ship' any particular pairings from a tv show?
Are you good at talking yourself out of sticky situations?