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Author: macro
Created: December 20, 2010
Taken: 79 times
Rated: G

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Now everything changes, aint nothin the same. Im having the strangest feeling cant remember my name.

Created by macro and taken 79 times on Bzoink
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Today I'm going to look at a bunch of random surveys.
And then I'm going to take the first question they ask and put them in here
I'm going to ignore the 'whats your name' ones cuz those too common. :P
What si your favorite color?
Who is better? Tom Cruise or Keeanu Reeves?
Which celebrity do people say you look like?
If you had the opportunity to be anyone in the world for a week, who? Why?
What position do u play? (in basketball)
Do you read and believe your horoscope?
Is gay marriage acceptable?
If you were a flower what would you be?
In the past 24 hours have you cried?
I wish that...
Guess My Middle Name
well did i marry desi in real life
Are you single?
Is it snowy/snowing outside?
Name 2 things you want for Christmas.
whats your worse nightmare?
Who is your best friend?
r u in love
who loves Jessicka??
What is your horse's name?
Why did you choose this survey?
What are you wearing?
What color are your eyes?
Who was the last person you talked to?
Do You Have A Job?
Who have you known the longest?
Your Favorite Hair Color?
Did you take this survey?
What kind of underwear are you wearing right now?
What is the most noticeable thing about you?
Do you believe in ghosts?
How old Is You?
Favorite thing to do?
What song should have played when you were born?
Are you really friends with your friends or are you using them?
Interpol or Franz Ferdiand
What Time Is It Now
Favorite Class?
Do you own a gun?
Favorite band when you were young?
What's your favorite genre of music?
whats the place you have come to fear the most?
Do you get depressed?
5 Favorite Athletes
Do you prefer trackpants or jeans when you're going out in public?
Do you think deeply?
is there anybody you're trying to impress right now?
Do you consider kissing other people than your significant other cheating?
whats your favorite show of wrestling
Do girls like boys who are musicians or athletes?
Are you from the US of A?
What is your favorite TV show of all time?
Do you shave the knits of your sweaters?
what is you fav. beer?
Three of God's greatest gifts to earth?
Ever eaten the deadly Pop Rock and soda combination?
we work our whole lives, and then what?
What would u do IF i told u i liked u?
Ur favorite name?
Have you ever used the same Halloween costume more than once?
Who is ur service provider?
can you lick your nose
How much do you love me?
What's the average amount you spend on filling up your gas tank?
Do you like surveys?
What are your initials?
Well that was entertaining. Some of the stuff on here is really weird.