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Author: imworriednow
Created: December 18, 2010
Taken: 55 times
Rated: PG

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This Is My Dream And Ill Decide Where It Goes From Here.

Created by imworriednow and taken 55 times on Bzoink
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You (:
Name ?
Age ?
Nick Name ?
Birthday ?
Eye Colour ?
Hair Colour ?
Ethnicity ?
Height ?
Weight ?
Where Do You Live ?
Where Were You Born ?
Do You Have A Birthmark ?
If So, What Does It Look Like ?
Do You Have Any Other Unique Marks ? (Freckles, Beauty Marks Etc)
Family (:
How Many Brothers Do You Have ?
How Old Are They ?
What Are Their Names ?
How Many Sisters Do You Have ?
How Old Are They ?
What Are Their Names ?
Do You Have Step Parents ?
Are You Spoilt By Your Grandparents ?
Do You Have Any Pets ?
If So, How Many ?
What Are They ?
Do You Get Along Well With Your Family ?
Do You Include Pepole Like Your Parents Friends As Family ?
Who Is The Person In Your Family Who Is Your Closest Relative ?
Friends (:
Best Girl Friend ?
Shortest Friend ?
Tallest Friend ?
Loudest Friend ?
Quietest Friend ?
Athlete Friend ?
Funniest Friend ?
Best Guy Friend ?
How Often Do You Stay At Your Friends Houses ?
Have You 'Broken Off' From One Of Your Friends ?
Have You Gone Out With Your Best Friend ?
Do You Have A Homosexual Friend ?
Do You Have Any Married Friends ?
Do You Party With Your Friends Or With Strangers ?
Favourites (:
Colour ?
Chocolate Flavour ?
Candy ?
Movie ?
Song ?
Female Singer ?
Male Singer ?
Actor ?
Actress ?
Flower ?
Drink ?
Takeaway ?
Movie Quote ?
Place In The World ?
School (:
What School Do You Attend ?
Is It Private Or Public ?
Is It Co-Educational Or Not ?
How Long Are Your Lessons ?
What Is Your Favourite Subject ?
How Long Is A Normal School Day ?
Are You Allowded To Go Home Or Out Of School For Lunch ?
Do Your Teachers Allow You To Listen To Music In Class ?
What Is Your Least Favourite Subject ?
Are You Allowed To Eat In Class ?
In Between Classes ?
Are You Allowed To Answer Your Phone If It Rings ?
Do You Have To Ask To Attend The Bathroom ?
Are You Easily Excused From Physical Education ?
Music (:
What Genre Do You Enjoy The Most ?
Do You Often Listen To The Radio ?
Do You Own An Ipod ?
A Record ?
A Greatest Hits Album ?
From Who ?
Do You Play Any Insturments ?
If So, What ? And If Not, Why Not ?
Do You Enjoy Pop Music ?
Do You Write Your Own Songs ?
Have You Ever Been Busking ?
Do You Think Old Music Is Better Then That Of Today ?
Has Music Become Too Provocative In Your Opinoin ?
Do You Listen To Music Everyday ?
Movies (;
What Is Your Favourite Movie ?
Why ?
Who Acted In It ?
Do You Enjoy Musicals ?
Do You Enjoy The Movies That Are Made In Your Country ?
Who Is The Most Famous Actor/Actress From Your Country ?
Do You Aspire To Be An Actor Or An Actress ?
Do You Enjoy Animated Movies ?
Do You Think Bad Graphics Eqqual Bad Movie ?
Do You Enjoy Movies That Provoke You To Cry ?
Do You Hide In People When Watching Sad/Scary Movies ?
Do Some Movies Give You Nightmares ?
What Was The Last Movie That Made You Cry ?
What Was The Last Movie You Watched ?
Celebritys (:
Do You Personally Know A Celebrity ?
Have You Meet A Celebrity ?
Who Was It ?
Do You Plan To Become A Celebrity ?
Do You Know Why Paris Hilton Is Famous ?
Could You Handle Fame ?
Do You Think It Is Bad That They Can Kick You Off TV For Your Weight ?
Do You Think Its Unfair That People Post Horrible Photos Online Of Celebs ?
Do You Think Its Cruel That Celebritys Can Keep Dogs In Bags ?
What Do You Think Is The Most Unreasonable Reason To Be Famous ?
Is YouTube A Profound Way To Find Singers ?
Are Celebritys Good Role Models ?
Do You Read Tabloids ?
Do You Usually Believe What You Read ?
Have You Ever... (:
Gotten Sunburnt So Bad It Hurt To Move ?
Gotten A Tattoo ?
Gotten A Piercing On Either Your Nipples Or Your Genitals ?
Had A Summer Fling Just For The Fun Of It ?
Been Cheated On ?
Been Accused Of Cheating ?
Written A Story ?
A Poem ?
Found A Used Condom ?
Seen All The Harry Potter Movies ?
Driven A Mr Bean Car ?
Meet An Epicc Guitarist ?
Been In A Mosh Pit ?
Been Sold Liquer Under Age ?
This Or That (:
Lady GaGa Or Katy Perry
Purple Or Lime ?
Chocolate Or Ice Cream ?
Broken Leg Or Broken Arm ?
(: Or :D ?
Long Fingers Or Long Toes ?
Mint Chocolate Or Strawberry Chocolate ?
Day Or Night ?
Mini Or Convertable ?
Text Or Call ?
Mr Bean Or Johnny English ?
Dress Or Skirt ?
Jeans Or Shorts ?
Laptop Or Desktop ?
Boyfriend/Girlfriend (:
Name ?
How Long Have You been Together ?
Do You Plan To Be Together Until Your Time Is To Its End ?
Do You Love Them ?
Do They Love You ?
Where Did You Meet ?
Where Was Your First Kiss ?
Have They Meet Your Parents ?
Have You Meet Theirs ?
Have You Given Them A Gift ?
If So, What Was It ?
Have They Given You A Gift ?
If So, What Was It ?
Do They Take You Out Often ?
Are You Like Me ?
Do You Like Simple Plan ?
Are British But Born In A Different Country
Drink Way To Much Coke ?
Christian ?
Volunteer ?
Loves Shopping ?
Play Guitar ?
Lives With Mum And Step Father ?
Has A Dog Called Lucy ?
Sleep Talks Occasionally ?
Has Brown Hair ?
Blue Eyes ?
Plays The Drums ?
Has A Boyfriend ?
Around You... (:
The Immediate Thing To Your Left Is ?
The Immediate Thing To Your Right Is ?
What Room Are You In ?
You Can Feel ?
You Are Listening To ?
You Are Talking To ?
The Other People In The Room Are ?
On Your Feet You Are Wearing ?
On Your Wrists You Are Wearing ?
There Is A TV In The Room ? Yes ? No ?
If So, Whats On The Box ?
You Are Texting ? Yes ? No ?
If So, Who ?
How Is Your Hair Done At The Moment ?
Most Embaressing Moment ?
Prized Possesion ?
Mums Name Is ?
Dads Name Is ?
Great-Great-Grandmothers Name Is ?
Middle Name Is ?
Number One Wish Right Now Is ?
Sisters Hair Colour Is ?
Oldest Brother Is How Old ?
Grandfather Owns A Snow Globe ?
Mother Is A Christian ?
Grandfather Looks Like Father Christmas ?
Greatest Fear Is Spider ?
Biggest Problem Right Now Is Boys/Girls ?
True Or False (:
You Believe This Survey Will Soon End ?
Johnny Deep Is Amazing ?
Tim Burton Is The Coolest Director Ever ?
Bellatrix LeStrange Is The Best Bad Guy Ever ?
Christmas Is The Hardest Time To Shop ?
Jack Frost Is A Dick In That Santa Clause Movie ?
Pregnacy Is Beautiful ?
Juno Is The Coolest Teenage Pregnancy Movie ?
Millenia Is A Pretty Name ?
Having Ginger Hair Is Really Pretty ?
Cats Is A Really Epic Musical ?
Pavalova Was Origanally New Zealands Cake Not Austalias ?
Cyndi Lauper Is Extremly Blonde ?
My Grandmas Really Cool Because Shes Got Purple Hair ?