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Author: blargness14
Created: December 16, 2010
Taken: 624 times
Rated: PG

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There you go making my heart beat again, There you go pulling me right back in <3 ( Are we alike?? )

Created by blargness14 and taken 624 times on Bzoink
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True or False answers please (: But feel free to add comments (:
you live in georgia
your name starts with an S
your name is Shannon! (:
your full name has 23 letters in it
you are a sophomore in high school
your birthday is in november
you have a dog and a cat
you live in a one story house but its big
youve been homeschooled before
you love kids
your favorite color is purple
your addicted to pepsi
you love twix and twix PB
you read magazines while waiting for your parents in the grocery store
you love to read
you have a very high reading level
you have irish in you
you have cherokee indian in you
you have an uncle named keith
you have dreams where you almost die often
you jump in your sleep after having a dream where youre falling
your muscles twitch the slightest bit for absolutely no reason sometimes
youre IN LOVE with the movie Titanic
that movie made you cry
horror movies scare the living hell out of you but you watch them anyways
you like anime
youve watched Ranma (anime)
you can draw fairly well
you wanted to be a marine biologist at one point
you love to write poetry
youre good at singing
you like making up dance routines
you dont like feeding zoo animals cuz youre afraid theyll bite you
youre scared to death of riding roller coasters
youre terrified of hights
youre obsessed with shoes
you like going to the mall alot
all Harry Potter is one of your favorite movies
you like chinese/japanese food
you have a big sister
you wish you had a brother
the walls in your room are painted something other than white
youre an obsessive texter
you are in love with the TV show Degrassi
you used to watch disney channel constantly
you like to wtch nickelodeon sometimes
you hate watching cartoons
you think game shows are such a bore
your star sign is scorpio
you have smoked before
you have cut yourself before
you have never drank alcohol
you LOVE listening to music
you like Nevershoutnever
you hate doing the dishes
you dont have a job but are looking
you get frustrated easily
youre in love with somebody
you have a niece or nephew or both
you hate school
your teachers arent very fond of you
you fall asleep in class on a regular basis
you dont give a fuck what people think or say about you
youll bitch somebodys ass out if you need to
you dont let anybody mess with your friends or family
you dont have a best friend...you have lots!
you have an outgoing personality but shy around people you dnt know
you like taylor swift
youve heard the Eagles before
youre hands are getting tired from typing right now
youre hungry
you go to bed very late but still wake up early
you feel as if you just wasted a day(and hate it) if you wake up too late
you want more than two kids in the future
you want to get married someday
youre totally against abortion
you love wearing necklaces
you own a bunch of hoodies
you really like converse shoes
you used to love the show Thats So Raven to death
you used to watch Lizzie McGuire
you still listen to Hilary Duff's old songs even though she's like old now
your sister steals your flat iron alot and it annoys the shit outta you
you are a girl
you love the color black
you hate racists
you subscribe to people on youtube and keep up w/it on a regular basis
you like painting your nails but dont do it often
you are very addicted to soda
KFC and mashed potatoes are your favorite food
you have a wide variety of musical interests
you have tried learning to play guitar
you are a restless sleeper
you know somebody who sleep walks
you have been to Florida more than once
you recently just got out of a relationship
you dont put up with any shit from people
BUT youre also very forgiving and loving
you love to hug people
youre wishing i would wrap up this survey