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Author: rabbitrun
Created: December 6, 2010
Taken: 16 times
Rated: PG

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theyy can al get fukd,just stay tru to yuh

Created by rabbitrun and taken 16 times on Bzoink
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learn the basics,,
wen are yuh blowin the candles out.?
how tall are yu.?
hair color.?
eye color?
where are yu from.?
in school?
if so,which grade.?
any siblngs.?
& lastly,taken or single?
now details (:
ur last realtionship?
are yu a cheater.?
are yu a romantic.?
which movie wuld yu wanna be in.?
dream job?
whichh colors do u like?
fav memory?
are yu a daredevil?
do u prefer truth or dare?
fav subject in school?
fav music?
do yu fake tan or go natural?
fav menu item at resurants?
do u likee the snow.?
got a job.?
fav type of movie.?
fav actor.?
fav cereal.?
ice cream flavor.?
vacation spot.?
this or that.?
heels or flats.?
rock or country.?
facebook or myspace.?
winter or summer.?
boy bands or girl bands.?
halloween or christmas.?
eminem or lil wayne.?
nicki minaj or lady gaga.?
horror movies or comedy.?
trucks or cars.?
sillybandz or i love boobies bracelet.?
ipod touch or ipad.?
walmart or target.?
ice cream or italian ice.?
subway or mcds.?
big purses or small purses.?
drive ins or mmovie thatres.?
sister sister or hannah montana.?
cookie crisp or capn crunch.?
scene r preppy.?
falling in love or summer crush.?
obama or bush.?
barbie or nicki minaj.?
nike or addidas.?
dc or osiris.?
aeropostale or american eagle.?
youtube or twitter.?
verizon or at&t.?
piercings or tats.?
red bull or monster.?
playstation or xbox.?
pringles or bugels.?
resses or snickers.?
mtn dew or pepsi.?
dunkin donuts or krispy kreme.?
victoria secret pink or hollister.?
nutella or jiffy peanut butter.?
audi or bmw.?
pop tarts or toaster strudel.?
gatorade or slurpees.?
twix or kitkat.?
hot topic or pac sun.?
piza hut or dominos.?
vans or converse.?
love <3
currently taken or single & lovin it.?
who was yur first love.?
first kiss.?
do yu wanna get married.?
if so,where.?
do yu think the word love is tossed around so much,? i do.
are yu liking sumone.? who.?
do they know.?
friendss. (:
any good memorys with them.?
what do yas do wen yur together.?
have a friend who isnt really yur friend.?
whos the bestie.?
how long have yu known them.?
wud u kill for them.?
do u have a friend tht is so much like yu,yur practically twins.?
home lifee.
do u live with ur parents.?
would yu rather live in city or country.?
yu close with yur neighbors.?
trampoline? pool?
fav thing to do at home.?
are yu in yur room the most when home.?
how many ppl live with yu.?
how good of a cook r yu.?
ever burn the dinner.?
how bad do u want a waterbed.?
lots of posters in yur room.?
wat colors r the walls.?
do u wish yu can move.?
if so,where.?
school dazee
wat was yur fav grade.?
have a fav teacher? why?
play any sports in school.?
in any clubs.?
did yu get in trouble a lot.?
how often did yu get/do yur homework.?
did yu love the snow days.?
did yu buy all yur yearbooks.?
how about when the power when out,loved it.?!
were yu always a loud table at lunch.?
were yu pretty much always early to class,on time,or late.?
were yu one of the ppl who smoked in the bathroom.?
did yu have a crush (bf/gf) while in school.?
whos was yur best friend.?
did yu fall asleep easily in class.?